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Remembering And Praising: 3 Legendary Coaches Of Chicago Teams

Sport is a very competitive field by its definition. If you are thinking about going into professional sports you have to first come to terms with what is waiting for you out there. And...
charles tillman

The 3 Most Interesting Destinies Among Chicago-Born Sportsmen

Professional sports is not an easy career. To succeed in it, one needs the following - iron will, dedication, and strict discipline. And, of course, time. Training absorbs nearly all of an athlete’s time...
david njoku

How Data Science and the NFL Still Have Work to Do

There’s often a cautious approach to the idea of technology in sports. Many people argue the purity of a sport can be damaged by an integration with technology. However, the NFL has been more...
michael jordan

Chicago Is The Best Sports City

Even in a sports-crazy country like the United States of America, there are some cities which are a lot more successful and dedicated towards their sports than others. Chicago is definitely one of them,...
dak prescott

NFL 2020: Things to Know Before the Season Kicks Off in September

The NFL will not hold this year’s Hall of Fame game and neither will it conduct inductions for COVID-19 reasons. But that’s not a sign the 2020 season will be delayed. Quite the contrary:...
chicago bears

Which Sports Will Restart Soon And How?

After weeks of lockdowns and sports suspensions, many leagues worldwide are working things out. The English Premier League, Laliga, Bundesliga, and Serie A are back to business. In the US, most leagues are at...
washington redskins

The Washington Redskins Employed A Borderline Rapist For 14 Years

The Chicago Bears are far from a perfect organization. They've made mistakes on and off the field. However, one thing they can say for certain? At least they aren't the Washington Redskins. The Washington...

MLB Is Back: New Rules, Schedule And More

The shit show that was MLB "attempting" to negotiate a deal with the players union is finally over. After the latest rejected deal, commissioner Rob Manfred was forced to go ahead with a 60-game...

A Quick Guide To Chicago Sports

There is simply no denying that Chicago is easily ranked as one of the top cities in the country, attracting people from all over the world. It is bustling with big buildings, a more...

Top 5 Players In Chicago Sports

The city of Chicago has seen many great players over the years across multiple sports. Who could forget notable legends such as NBA star Michael Jordan and the Bears Walter Payton? Sadly, these two...