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The Chicago Bulls finished 2020 with a final regular-season record of 22-43, good for 11th place in the Eastern Conference. That season marked an end to an era. Bulls general manager Gar Forman was fired in April, John Paxson got reassigned to a senior advisor role, and head coach Jim Boylen was fired in August. These moves paved the way for previous Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan to step in for the Bulls. Donovan will become the 24th head coach of the franchise and begin his tenure in 2020. He will have an uphill climb as most players on the Bulls have less than three years of experience in the League. Zach LaVine led the Bulls in points per game last season with 25.5, Lauri Markkanen followed with 14.7, and Coby White chipped in 13.2. They seem to have a decent defensive team, but the Bulls were ranked 27th in offense. It should be an interesting few years without Forman. Bulls fans have been clamoring awhile for that firing.

Bulls Fans May Be Able To Attend The Teams Final Home Games This Season

This Bulls season has been filled with ups and downs thus far. The team made a huge splash at the trade deadline bringing in center Nikola Vucevic but still find themselves losing games. The...
Nikola Vucevic

The Bulls Are Running Out Of Time To Secure A Playoff Spot

The Bulls have played 57 games so far this season. They sit at a record of 24-33 which is currently good enough to be 10th in the Eastern Conference. Under the league's new playoff...
Billy Donovan

The Bulls Defense Is Still Their Biggest Flaw

The Bulls are 3-7 since the trade deadline and have an overall record of 22-31. They currently sit in the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference. This year the 10th spot puts them in...

The New Look Bulls Are Starting To Heat Up

The Bulls got a very important win last night against the Indiana Pacers. They capped off just their sixth game together as a new unit. While they are sitting at a record of 2-4...

The New Look Bulls Are A Work In Progress

The Chicago Bulls front office made a statement at the trade deadline. They showed the league that Chicago will do what it takes to be good again. The Bulls brought in All-Star Center Nikola...
Daniel Theis

The Chicago Bulls Make One Final Trade As The Deadline Passes

UPDATE 3/24/21 5:01 PM ETThe final two trades for the Bulls were all part of a package deal with the Wizards. The details are as followshttps://twitter.com/McDNBA/status/1375173739554336768?s=20The Bulls added Daniel Theis, Javonte Grenn, Troy Brown...
chicago bulls

The Chicago Bulls Have Made Their Second Trade Of The Day

The Bulls have already made headlines today as they brought in center Nikola Vucevic. Not long after the Bulls made that deal they were in the news again. This time the Bulls have completed...
Nikola Vucevic

The Chicago Bulls Have A New Center

The Bulls were the first team to make a splash ahead of the NBA trade deadline today. This team was rumored to be looking at a lot of players ahead of the deadline. Turns...
Michael Jordan

MJ Reportedly Canceled Comeback Press Conference Because He Was Down Gambling

You probably weren't expecting to be reading about Michael Jordan news today in 2021, and I wasn't expecting to be writing about it either. Alas, here we are, and MJ is back in the...

The Bulls Starting Lineup Is Changing

The Bulls have come out of the All-Star break flat. They have lost both games in convincing fashion as the offense struggled to score. This hasn't gone unnoticed by head coach Billy Donovan and...

A new season and a chance to end this year on a positive note? Yes, the Chicago Bulls have a chance to flip the switch in 2020, after all.

Setting the record straight, the 2019-2020 season was one of the worst years to watch Chicago Bulls basketball in every way you can imagine.

Finishing 22-43 and seven games out of playoff spot, the COVID-19 pandemic canceling the season was the final nail in the Bulls season's coffin. In some ways, it also let the starved fanbase, which has endured some excruciatingly painful moments over the last two decades, move on and look forward to another lottery pick.

Does that beg how a storied franchise like the Bulls hit an all-time low in 2020?

The answer? A front office that operated on luck, good fortune and strong relationships with Jerry Reinsdorf allowed them to stay in positions of large magnitudes and make imperative decisions much longer than welcomed.

Despite the Bulls making the playoffs seven times under former GM Gar Forman, in what should be considered a relatively successful stretch, it became more and more clear that Forman was in way over his head and could not adapt and overcome the new ways of the NBA.

Instead of seeking out ways to get the franchise up-to-speed in terms of personnel and advanced analytical scouting, Forman and VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson chose to blame the struggles on five head coaches they hired and ultimately fired over a 10-year span.

Jim Boylen taking over for Fred Hoiberg was not a big deal in itself. However, when it became apparent that Forman nor Paxson were seeking out other proven head coaching candidates, Bulls fans became irate.

The 2020 Season 

A young team with a series of skilled players looking to develop, overshadowed by a first-year head coach who became obsessed with the spotlight.

That's how Jim Boylen's time as the Bulls head man will be remembered. From the infamous, unjustified timeouts in fourth quarters to benching Zach LaVine in close and winnable games, Boylen was criticized publicly by his star player and coached like Doc Rivers.

In a game that the Bulls played some of their best basketball, Jim Boylen went after one of the most high-profile and proven NBA coaches at half-court over what he thought were "illegal screens" set by Montrezl Harrell.

Boylen was seen on camera yelling and pointing at former Clippers Coach Doc Rivers before both were ejected. In his postgame presser, Boylen tried to play tough guy and said he was defending his guys, while Rivers laughed it off with the rest of the league.

Once more, the Bulls continued to be the NBA's laughing stock because of their head coach's antics, instead of letting LaVine's 31 points and a winning shine.

Speaking of LaVine, in his one-on-one interview with Yahoo NBA Writer Vincent Goodwill,  LaVine spoke on the lack of trust with Boylen.

"I feel I earned that trust, but I guess he feels differently. Other players around the league — and everybody's situation isn't the same — I feel other players worldwide have that trust. I guess we haven't got there."

Let's be very clear, Zach LaVine is a great player, and Bulls fans should be grateful to have him. He is a star and was being put down by his head coach, and in a player-driven league, that is unacceptable.

Aside from Boylen's antics, the Bulls could not get away from injuries in 2020. From Lauri Markkanen to Wendell Carter Jr and several others, the Bulls had few games at full-strength.

Markkanen's 2020 may have been plagued with injuries, but he struggled defensively, and his three-point shot dropped by two percent, and he did not play in the paint. His struggles are very concerning, especially after he began his career with serious promise. All of that being said, Markkanen was underused in Boylen's offense and was not in a winning position by his head coach.

2021 will decide whether he has a future with the Bulls or not.

As far as Wendell Carter Jr. goes, defensively, he could be a problem for other teams, that is. He was the only bright spot for rebounding last season, averaging just under 10 per game (9.4).

The Bulls desperately need another rebounder after finishing dead last in total team rebounds last season. When healthy, Carter Jr. cleaned the glass at a very high-level.

On the offensive side of the ball, Carter Jr. did not shoot much, and when he did, he struggled. But the Bulls Twitter account is telling us that narrative could change in 2021. At 21-years-old, Carter Jr. has a lot of room to improve, but Bulls fans should be excited for what he's displayed so far.

Last but not least is Coby White. After one season, it appears White was a very successful draft pick by GarPax.

White had a stellar rookie season, finishing third in rookie-of-the-year voting and gave Bulls fans something they haven't seen since Derrick Rose - athleticism and speed to the rim.

According to Basketball-Reference, White averaged 13.4 PPG and had a handful of games shooting lights-out from a distance. If his rookie season is any precursor to what he could be, White could be a full-blown star in the NBA.

Reminder, he is only 20-years-old and has the highest ceiling on the roster.

Chicago Bulls Front Office

The storyline for the Bulls, and frankly all of Chicago sports in 2020, was the decision to fire Gar Forman and move John Paxson completely out of player and personnel decision-making.

Whether you think he was a few years late or not, Owner Jerry Reinsdorf decided to move the franchise in a proven winning direction.

Arturas Karnisovas was hired as the Executive VP of Basketball Operations. Marc Eversley was hired as the General Manager, bringing the Bulls out of NBA basketball's dark ages.

Karnisovas constructed the current Denver Nuggets roster. If you've been following that team over the past three seasons, you'd know they've been one of the most successful teams at drafting and player development.

As far as respect among front-office officials goes, Karnisovas is high on the list.

A few months into the job, Karnisovas went out and got perhaps the best available coach on the market: Billy Donovan. Somehow, the Bulls' new VP was able to convince Donovan to sign a multi-year deal with a young team in the midst of a rebuild.

With several other openings, most of which appeared to be more attractive, Donovan chose the Bulls. A very, very positive sign for the organization.

The good news just continued to come in this offseason, as they also moved up to the fourth overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Bulls News FAQ

Who are the Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are a team in the National Basketball Association. The owner of the Chicago Bulls is Jerry Reinsdorf, and the current head coach is Billy Donovan. The team was founded in 1966. The Bulls play at the United Center in Chicago and are part of the Eastern Conference.

Will the Bulls look to trade Zach LaVine?

LaVine is only 25, but the majority of the Bulls core is 20 and 21-years-old. That being said, it’s improbable LaVine is dealt with by Karnisovas. LaVine is still a rising star and an elite scorer in the NBA. The asking price would be very high, but anything is possible.

Can Billy Donovan take the Bulls to the playoffs?

The Bulls could be a playoff team. They have some big holes, but with their offensive pieces, a top tier head coach, and money to spend, the Bulls should be a better team than the Magic, Wizards, and Hornets. Those three were above them, fighting for the eighth seed.

How will Lauri Markkanen perform in 2021?

Markkanen may have been dealt a bad hand in Boylen's offense, but his inability to rebound and lack of presence in the paint as a seven-footer was disheartening. Markkanen should be better under a new head coach, and early preseason games show his rebounding has improved. 

Can the Bulls attract big-time free agents in the 2021 class?

The Bulls have not been a free-agent hotspot. But that's because they've chosen to be run by executives and coaches that big-time players don't believe in or have issues with. The 2021 Bulls have to be high-scoring, above .500 and eliminate drama to get a key free agent next offseason.

Who will be the best player on the Chicago Bulls in 2021?

Zach LaVine. LaVine needs to improve defensively, but his skill and basketball IQ have been consistently overshadowed by drama since his arrival. While many Bulls fans realize how good he is, many don't, and that's a problem. With Billy Donovan at the helm, expect LaVine to thrive this season.