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Apparently Aaron Rodgers Managed To Choke At Getting Married Too


Chicago Bears fans are predisposed to hate their owners, so it’s pretty easy for them to relish whenever Aaron Rodgers is having a rough time. A necessary outlet for all the years of torture he’s put them through. Though the Green Bay Packers quarterback has experienced some low points in his Hall of Fame career, it seems like the past few weeks could be the worst of his life. Both on and off the field.

It started on that frigid night at Lambeau Field three weeks ago. Everything was set up perfectly. Green Bay had gone 13-4 in the regular season. They had homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Their first opponent was the San Francisco 49ers, a warm-weather team with an overrated QB. Rodgers led the Packers to an easy touchdown on the opening drive. It was going to be so easy. The Super Bowl was in the bag.

Four quarters later, Robbie Gould sent them into the offseason.

It was a humiliating defeat for the Packers, but especially Rodgers. For somebody said to be arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, there was no excuse for the way he played in that game. Just 10 points scored and no touchdown passes. That was the first time where people truly started to question his legacy. For all his brilliance in the regular season, it has now been a full decade since he’s played in a Super Bowl. That includes four NFC championship losses and four losses at home.

It gets better, though. Or worse, depending on your perspective. Rumors have begun circulating that Rodgers’ plans to get married have also crumbled. Last February, he revealed that he’d become engaged to Shailene Woodley, a famous actress known for roles in The Fault In Our Stars and Big Little Lies. Now just one year later, it sounds like she decided to call off the wedding. Why? Totally believable complaints about Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have called off the wedding because of a huge fight. Woodley “ended things,” an insider said. “She says Aaron is just too jealous and controlling for it to ever work…

…Aaron started making a big deal out of Shailene having guy friends, even though those relationships were totally platonic,” an insider said…

…He never accepted Shailene Woodley for who she was and refused to change his life for her, an insider explained. “Shailene was hoping he’d retire from the NFL to work on the relationship,” the source revealed. Since Rodgers refuses to retire, Woodley is refusing to stick around.

Yeah, that sounds like Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback has never had the best reputation off the field. He is notorious for taking things personally and being petty whenever he feels slighted. The idea that he would be jealous and possessive of his famous fiancee isn’t difficult to accept at all. It almost feels like poetic justice for all the nonsense he put people through with his antics over the past year. He shouldn’t expect to find many sympathetic parties if this rumor is true.

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