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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Expected To Be A Very Close Fight


Jake Paul, the famous YouTube star turned professional boxer, looks like he’s jumping back into the ring. On Monday, it was widely reported that Paul will face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in a boxing match. Many have criticized Paul for his recent bouts against Nate Robinson, a retired NBA player, and others because he has yet to face anybody of real prominence in the boxing community. Despite the backlash, Paul is 3-0 in his career and will look to make it 4-0 against Woodly. The betting odds are out for the match and who the sportsbooks believe will be victorious in a highly anticipated fight.

Details Of The Fight

Paul’s defeat of Ben Askren marked his third straight victory, in which he knocked the lights out of his opponent within the first 30 seconds. He will have to go through Woodley, who presents him with a considerable challenge before he takes on the undefeated champ. Ariel Helwani, an MMA journalist at ESPN, presented us with the details below on the date and match specifics of the fight.

Odds At The SuperBook

These two fighters are extremely similar and have many of the same tendencies. At SuperBook Sports, both Woodley and Paul opened at -110 each way.

The bout hasn’t actually been formally announced yet, but as the reports above show, this is definitely going to happen. Paul took to Twitter, as he often does, to tease the upcoming fight and get everyone excited.

“GOTCHA HAT” is a reference to when Paul stole Mayweather’s hat in Miami at a meetup, to which the former champion was extremely aggravated. He walked down a hall yelling explicative words and sentences at Paul, which was actually pretty hilarious to watch. Woodley has been at this for over a month now, calling Paul out on Twitter several times and basically saying that he is going to crush him in the ring.

“You mob with hoes” is about all you need to read to figure out that this is going to be another fight that is laughable before the actual match. Some of this stuff is just really great content that not only supports the fight but makes it must-see entertainment. Take a look at this video from Paul calling out Daniel Cormier on Twitter, and you’ll see the value of this type of banter. He also manages to trigger Woodley, who responds in force with a diss of his own. We love Twitter.

Fighter Recent History

I mentioned this above, but Paul recently defeated MMA fighter, Ben Askren, by TKO in the first round in his last fight. It wasn’t even a contest. Paul opened as the favorite in that bout, so his victory shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. His other two victories came against the aforementioned Robinson, who stood little chance against Paul, and YouTube colleague Ali Eson Gib. Paul recently signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime entertainment. Woodley on the other hand has been fighting as a professional since 2009 and won the 2016 UFC welterweight championship. His professional record is 19-7-1. This match is reportedly set to be fought on August 28, but you may want to keep checking the odds on this one to find out who most think will have the edge in this one. My guess is Paul will take money simply because he is the more known quantity.

Paul’s older brother, Logan, who is also a former YouTube star turned fighter, is set to battle with Mayweather on June 6. This should no doubt be hilarious.

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