Friday, November 17, 2023

Chip Caray to Cardinals, White Sox Still Without New Deals for Their TV Booth?


Former Chicago Cubs play-by-play man and most recently Atlanta Braves broadcaster, Chip Caray, is reportedly leaving the Braves to become the new voice of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Caray, who has been calling games on TV and radio with the Braves since 2005, will now be the play-by-play man for the fourth MLB team in his career. The news of Caray’s departure from Atlanta came from The Athletic’s David O’Brien Monday afternoon.

So, Chip goes back home and gets to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Harry, who was a Cardinals announcer from 1945-1969.

Chip took over the TV play-by-play duties for the Cubs in 1998. That was right around the time I became a Cubs fan and growing up I thought he was fine. I know a lot of fans shit on him now for being a bad announcer, but I can’t say I’ve been tuning too much into Braves games in the past 17 years. That being said, I do remember the brutal calls on TBS from Chip in the playoffs and he only lasted three years in TBS’ playoff coverage after the complaints kept coming in.

Again, 1998 was when I first started paying attention to the Cubs on a daily basis and since then there have been three main play-by-play guys in the TV booth. It’s Len Kasper number one and it’s not even close for me.

Jon Sciambi has been all right, but man, I still can’t believe Len left to do radio on the south side. Fuck.

Anyway, speaking of Len Kasper, could he possibly be heading back to the TV booth on a more regular basis with the White Sox?

I wrote about the White Sox still not locking up Steve Stone and Jason Benetti in late December, but I was fully expecting the team to make it official in early January. The White Sox don’t have a fan convention this year, so it’s not like they’re holding on to that news for a special announcement and well we’re about a month away from Spring Training and there hasn’t been a peep about Stone and Benetti’s future with the White Sox.

The other day Zo, my co-host on the Pinwheels And Ivy Podcast, jokingly tweeted about the White Sox TV booth situation and I was pretty surprised with some of the replies. Boy did the 2022 White Sox season sour some fans to their core because even the announcers are getting some backlash now.

But I’ll repeat, I still think Benetti and Stone both re-sign and come back to the White Sox, but I do think it’s pretty weird that we haven’t heard anything about them this entire offseason.

One last thing, the Pinwheels And Ivy Podcast is going to have a White Sox ticket giveaway if it gets to 1K subscribers on YouTube by Opening Day.



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Jan 24, 2023 8:03 am

Len is and always was a turd. Chip Caray is an arrogant turd. Almost on par with Thom Breneman. God I hate both of them almost as much ad Lenny and JD.

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