Wednesday, December 7, 2022

White Sox Keep Playing Bad Baseball


If you’re a White Sox, then you’re pretty much pissed off at everyone in the organization. From ownership to whoever is responsible for the mess that is trying to get into Guaranteed Rate Field for a game. Everyone is at fault for the mess the White Sox find themselves in as the team continues to play bad baseball.

It’s a domino effect. Ownership didn’t give enough room in the budget to truly go all-in this past offseason and whatever money was allowed to be spent was used poorly by Rick Hahn. Meanwhile, Tony La Russa continues to make poor decisions that hinder the White Sox and ultimately the players that were put together on the roster by the front office are being exposed while the team as a whole is simply not executing on the field.

You know, like Leury Garcia playing as much as he is despite being one of the worst players in baseball.

After their 4-1 loss on Wednesday night the White Sox ended June with a losing record of 12-15, falling to 35-39 overall and remain third in the division behind Cleveland and Minnesota. The White Sox have not been above .500 since May 25, when they beat the Red Sox 3-1 improving to 22-21. They lost the very next game 16-7.

This past week was supposed to be the time the White Sox got back above .500, facing the Orioles and Angels. Instead, the White Sox lost 5 of 7, which included a lifeless series loss at home against Baltimore. 

It’s been a painful ride for White Sox fans who haven’t seen this team win consecutive series since beating the Royals three out of five games and then taking two of three against the Yankees in New York in the middle of May.

Almost every aspect of the White Sox has been bad for long stretches of time. The offense has obviously been the biggest concern, but what’s even more annoying is that this group of players hasn’t shown the ability to consistently play good, fundamental baseball. Physical errors happen all the time, but it’s the mental errors that truly irk you. Oh and of course being atrocious with runners in scoring position will also raise your blood pressure when watching the White Sox.

It’s a tough watch right now and on this week’s Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast we tried to pinpoint who to blame on the White Sox. Again, pretty much everyone, but Rick Hahn probably deserves more share of the blame than he gets.

Trade options also came up, but once again it’s going to be somewhat difficult to make a huge splash this summer because the White Sox don’t have a lot to trade and would you want them to go all out considering they don’t seem like they’re one piece away anyway?

That was part of this week’s Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast, Chicago’s #1 Cubs and White Sox podcast. Hosted by Matt Zawaski, Aldo Soto, Kevin Fiddler and Mitch Kaminski.

Follow them on Twitter @SouthsideZo, @AldoSoto21, @KFidds and @MitchKaminski99. Join the conversation live every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. as they recap all the latest news and rumors about the Cubs and White Sox and cover the biggest stories around MLB. Download and listen to every episode on your preferred podcast app and follow the show on Twitter @PinwheelsIvyPod.


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