Wednesday, December 7, 2022

No Swing Shows How Much Seiya Suzuki Is Struggling Right Now More Than This One


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Zo and Aldo were on live during Wednesday night’s Cubs vs. White Sox game and in one of the most tense moments of the matchup Seiya Suzuki couldn’t come through with runners at first and third in the eighth inning against reliever Matt Foster.

Suzuki was named NL Rookie of the Month a few days ago, but the right fielder is currently struggling along with the most of the Cubs hitters. He’s now 1 for his last 23, going back to last week’s series finale against the Braves and nothing showed his struggles more than his swing against Foster in that crucial situation Wednesday night.

Suzuki has elite plate discipline and when he was rolling in the first two weeks of the season it was rare to see him chase more than a few balls out of the strike zone in a game. Of course, as time passes teams have adjusted and Suzuki is beginning to not only expand his strike zone a bit more, but he’s swinging and missing more.

Obviously by looking at that you can tell where pitchers are starting to challenge Suzuki. Fastballs. A lot more of them. Here’s a more detailed look.

So, pitchers are attacking Suzuki with more fastballs and it also probably doesn’t help that he’s been taking a lot of first-pitch strikes. It kind of feels like Suzuki has been in an 0-2 count a lot of lately, having many defensive at-bats instead of him putting pressure on pitchers.

And you know, the Cubs have been facing better pitching the last two weeks, so that’s definitely a factor when you look at Suzuki’s current slump.

That was one of many topics we talked about during this week’s Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast. Not a lot of things are going great for the Cubs right now and it’s not going to get any easier as the upcoming schedule features three games against the Dodgers, which includes a double-header Saturday, then six games on the road against the Padres and Diamondbacks.


Oh by the way, White Sox fans are really mad about the outfield wall at Wrigley Field.

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