Wednesday, December 7, 2022

White Sox Fans Are Pissed At Wrigley Field


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The White Sox swept the Cubs, winning 4-3 on Wednesday night and during the game fans got even more pissed off at Wrigley Field. In the bottom of the sixth inning, Willson Contreras drove a ball deep to center field off Reynaldo Lopez. Luis Robert raced back and made the catch before crashing straight into the wall.

Normally there’s ivy, but that hasn’t come in yet, leaving little to no padding for the bricks and boy did White Sox fans make sure to let everyone know how much they hated it.

There’s plenty more of that.

Luckily for White Sox fans and Robert, he got up and stayed in the game, singling hard to left field in the eighth inning. Probably woke up with a bruise though.

So, should the Cubs get rid of the brick wall or are White Sox fans being too sensitive because one of their players ran into it?

That and more on this week’s Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast.


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