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Ryan Poles Finally Confirms Caleb Williams Is His Guy And Revealed Why


The Chicago Bears haven’t confirmed anything publicly regarding the #1 pick, only that they are staying put and taking a quarterback. Everybody assumes it will be Caleb Williams of USC, but GM Ryan Poles made sure to insist no decision was made. Lots of evaluation was left undone. Now, weeks later, it appears the Bears don’t feel the need to pretend anymore. The draft is mere days away. Nobody is going to jump in front of them. Poles seems comfortable confirming what everybody already knew.

The Bears GM spoke with Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, explaining why the organization zeroed in on Williams as their guy. It starts with how he handles the spotlight and how he dealt with the disappointing 7-5 season USC had last year.

“I know he does,” Poles said. “But I also think there’s room for growth there too. And he’s already been in the limelight. He has been in the spotlight. So I know that’s developing at a really good rate that I feel comfortable with.

“The other thing, too, is he has really, really high expectations of himself. So when he talks about last year, he wanted to win the Heisman back to back. He wanted to play in the college football playoffs and win a championship. That was his mindset. So when that started to deteriorate, that was really hard for him. But what I have expressed to him and what he has expressed (back) is maybe that was actually the best thing for him.”

From a physical perspective, the exciting part for Poles isn’t what you’d think.

Most people talk about his mobility and natural instinct to make plays outside the offensive structure. What gets the Bears excited is his unique ability to vary the speed of his throws, showing touch and anticipation.

“If you really watch the tape, you’re drawn to his ability to change ball speed with accuracy,” he said. “You’ll see a lot of guys who are high-velocity, high-speed throwers. … But you love those guys who have the ability to demonstrate feel, have touch, show loft.

“(Caleb) changes speeds, uses his anticipation. Those are the kind of things I don’t think many people study or see that I think are really impressive.”

Beyond all of that, Williams doesn’t seem phased by the big moments. Regardless of the situation or stakes, he always seems to play the same level of football. That ability to steady his pulse is something championship quarterbacks need.

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“It was just, ‘Hey, we need you to make plays.’ Now, can you play free and — in that game and on that stage — capitalize?” Poles said. “You’re always looking for that low heart rate. And Caleb just doesn’t get all amped up and make mistakes.

“I just like his cool under pressure in those big moments.”

Ryan Poles did the homework. Now, it’s time for the leap of faith.

The Bears have spent three off-seasons preparing for this moment. Poles tore the roster down in 2022 and immediately began rebuilding the offense from the ground up. Braxton Jones arrived at left tackle that year. Last season, he was joined by Darnell Wright and D.J. Moore. This spring saw the arrivals of Keenan Allen and D’Andre Swift. It isn’t too big of a stretch to think this is the best foundation any potential rookie quarterback has ever had in Bears history. It might not be over, either. Chicago could add another big piece with the 9th overall pick.

By the sound of things, Ryan Poles had his priorities straight. He wanted a quarterback with the mental toughness to handle adversity and experience dealing with lots of media attention. He needed a good arm with high-level accuracy. Their teammates and coaches needed to at least respect him. Caleb Williams checked those boxes on all accounts. All that is left is turning in the card. That is when the real work begins. Poles and Williams are both committed to erasing Chicago’s ugly legacy at quarterback.

Many statues await them if they do.


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Apr 22, 2024 4:18 pm

@Bear_Down I just had too much of the bully type attitude of people who have no one to answer to on the internet. They’re brave when they can’t be confronted directly. Me, I have my avatar right here. I stand by what I say and if you recognize me and want to say something. Go for it. Otherwise, sit down and hide behind the keyboard. Long and short, that’s it. Brave typists, with nothing to back it up. As far as Caleb goes, nothing in this life is certain. But for people who strive for excellence they have a much… Read more »

Last edited 25 days ago by timgjerde56
Apr 22, 2024 9:54 am

Smart comments Tim. Always impressed with your commentary. And a big hello to the new guy tgenaisamoron. Stating the obvious. Tinagena needs to find a new place to troll. Maybe a cheezehead site would give gena a + or 2. Not happening here tho. Guessing it will be crickets from gena and blurryridge when CW starts winning games for the Bears. But complaining is all negative people know. Know the type, think their smarter than everyone and insult everyone that doesn’t agree with them. Have a nice day 🙂

Apr 22, 2024 9:33 am

Hey Tim try and calm down and don’t take what others comment too seriously. If you’re a Bears fan you want whomever is the QB to succeed. If Caleb is our man I’ll be rooting for him and the Bears as a TEAM not just a one-man show. My only worry is that he’s able to adjust to the speed of the NFL and he doesn’t get banged up or injured often. It’s a gamble for sure as there are just too many variables however, you make the best decision with the information on hand. I also want JF1 to… Read more »

Apr 22, 2024 9:16 am

@bluridge I don’t care what you say. And thanks, I will consider a couple extra pins in my adult diapers. You know because it makes sense not to leak the same crap that comes out your baby diapers. You probably can’t use the big boy pins. I noticed you backed off a little. The clear implication was it was his fault otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned a team record in conjunction with an article about a specific player. His record as a starter notwithstanding. Just face facts. You triggered more than me with your “Facts”. It is a fact he’s… Read more »

Last edited 25 days ago by timgjerde56
Apr 22, 2024 8:47 am

And I stayed away from this website for two days for a reason. The trolls could at least make it fun and use something close to reality to troll with. Who doesn’t hope JF1 revives his career. It will not be Ryan Pole’s problem or to his discredit that he kept a promise to help a guy he liked. As far as CW matching CJ Stroud, you do realize there is a thing called “once in a lifetime season”. CJ will be great, but to quote you “Slow your roll, kid.” If he matches or exceeds that kind of season… Read more »

Last edited 25 days ago by timgjerde56

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