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Insider Reveals Serious Trade Partner For Chicago Bears’ #9 Pick


Knowing GM Ryan Poles and how he’s operated through the previous two drafts, it is difficult to believe he accepts the possibility of going through the pivotal three-day event with only four picks. That is why many project the Chicago Bears moving down from the #9 pick to secure some extra capital. As is often the case in these situations, it comes down to finding a dance partner willing to deal. There are multiple teams picking in the teens who have logical reasons to move up. Denver (#12) and Las Vegas (#13) both need quarterbacks. New Orleans (#14) needs an offensive tackle. Jacksonville (#17) needs a wide receiver.

However, Bill Zimmerman of Windy City Gridiron has another team in mind. The analyst and insider is known for having quality connections around the organization. He doesn’t put things out unless he’s been hearing something. That is what made his latest mock draft so interesting. In it, he mentions a subplot that could give the Bears some serious bargaining power at #9.

The Colts love Brock Bowers and were concerned that the Jets would grab the pass-catcher so a move with the Bears makes sense. The top eight picks consisted of 4 QBs, all three wide receivers (Sorry Odunze fans), and Joe Alt. The Bears could have taken the top defensive player in the draft but moved back instead.”

This is worth noting for multiple reasons.

Indianapolis has zero playmakers at tight end. Their GM, Chris Ballard, is a big traits guy, and Bowers has them. He also has direct ties to Poles, making communication easy. Last but not least, the Jets recently met with Bowers for a private visit. They also have a big hole at tight end. Draft insider Charlie Campbell of Walter Football says they’re hoping for Bowers or Rome Odunze at #10.

“Both Bowers and Odunze are viewed as having the potential to contribute immediately. The Jets love Bowers’ mismatch ability, and they feel Odunze is a safe player with very good character to mesh with their veterans. The Jets have LSU’s Malik Nabers and Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison Jr. rated ahead of Odunze, but they like Odunze a lot as well. Right now, it sounds like Bowers and Odunze are the top-two favorites for the team’s first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft.”

This outcome would be ideal for the Chicago Bears.

Moving down to #15 not only should net them Day 2 and Day 3 selections, but it also doesn’t drop them too far down the board that they can’t hope to land one of the true 1st round talents in this class. Based on every projection to this point, there are certain to be a couple of high-quality pass rushers still on the board. Maybe they go for another edge presence like Jared Verse or Laiatu Latu. Or maybe they seek that interior rusher like a Byron Murphy. It would be a solid outcome for the Bears.

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There is one issue to note. In his entire tenure as Colts GM, Ballard has never traded up in the 1st round of the draft. So this move would be out of character for him. That said, Bowers is the caliber of prospect even he might jump for. Many see him as another George Kittle. A legitimate weapon in the passing game with size, speed, and route-running skill. The Chicago Bears won’t give that #9 pick away for cheap. It will have to be a serious offer, especially if other teams are getting involved.


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Apr 16, 2024 9:33 am

– No to Chop Robinson

– I think they have to go defense with #15 if that were the case. There is more talent at WR than there is at DE and DT in this draft. So I see DE if Verse or Latu are there, and if not Murphy or Newton.

Apr 16, 2024 6:38 am

If B Bowers is as good as they (insiders, scouts, media), and he would be so dynamic for damn near 31 of all 32 teams in the NFL; why would R Poles pass on the next G Kittle/T Kelce capable of lighting up the NFC North as a Chicago Bear and pair him with C Kmet and C Williams over the next 4 years giving the Bears one of the top TE groups in the NFL and C Williams one of the best, if not the absolute best combination of WR/TE/RB weapons groups in the NFL?

Apr 16, 2024 5:21 am

Would have to be an unprecedented offer. If not then take a cornerstone for the next 10 years.

Apr 15, 2024 7:51 pm

Honestly I would only make that trade for Indianapolis’s #46 pick and nothing less. They could draft Latu with the #15 pick and then draft a plethora of some good WRs that will still be there. I would also be fine with Brian Thomas Jr at #15 and then the best Edge player at #46. I do not want to spend anything higher than our #75 pick on DTs and even then I likely wouldn’t be crazy about it. We just drafted 2 in the 2nd and 3rd round last year and I know for a fact after the cuts… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by David
Apr 15, 2024 7:50 pm

Check out the photos of the 53 Bears players that arrived today at Halas Hall (4/15/24) — for voluntary offseason workouts. Just search the text: Bears begin voluntary offseason program . . .and you’ll see every one of those Bears players — ready to get a jump on the 2024 NFL championship season. Well, everyone except for OG, Nate “where’s Waldo” Davis, that is. Yeah, it’s “voluntary” and y’all know that Nate doesn’t “do practice.” He skipped them when he was with the Tennessee Titans And why should Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus expect more that Ran Carthan and Mike… Read more »

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