Sunday, August 14, 2022

VIDEO: Jake Paul And Tyron Woodley Had An INTENSE Final Stare Down


Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley face off for the second time tomorrow in an 8 round professional boxing fight. With Woodley stepping in on just two weeks notice this time, Paul and Woodley have actually been somewhat cordial with each other as there seems to be at least some mutual respect.

The two of them sat down with Ariel Helwani in a face to face interview just days before they are set to square off again. The interview was far less intense than their first sit down back in August and they actually exchanged some compliments. Hell, Paul even gifted Woodley a Rolex for god’s sake! You can check out that full sit down interview right here:

On Friday, the two would weigh in to make the fight finalized. The fight is scheduled for a 192 pound contract weight. Both fighters weighed in under weight with Woodley weighing in at 189.6 pounds and Paul weighing in at 191.4 pounds.

After making weight, the two fighters would square off one last time. And despite all the seemingly kind words that they had exchanged before, that all went out the window as things got INTENSE when they faced off.

Both fighters spoke individually to Helwani one last time after weighing in and staring each other down. Woodley would tell Helwani that he is thankful for Paul “bringing the dog back out of him.”

Next up to speak with Helwani would be Paul, who came in EXTREMELY fired up and screaming.

My question is is this intensity real or is he just hyping himself up? We’ve seen fighters many times in the past have to hype themselves up and try to create drama when there really isn’t any just to get themselves psyched up for the fight. I kind of get the feeling that this is what Paul is doing here. But then again, Paul is a hard guy to read as I’m not entirely sure what to think and believe of a guy that has a 9 foot tall robot follow him around everywhere.

Paul wore a shirt that said “Tommy this could’ve been you” with an arrow pointing to his opponent. Tommy Fury was Paul’s original opponent before he was forced to pull out a few weeks ago. Hilariously, Paul got the Showtime Boxing account to tweet out the photo and tag Fury in it.

If you want to view the entire weigh in show, you can view that here:

Paul vs. Woodley II takes place from Tampa, FL on December 18. It can be viewed on Showtime PPV for $59.99.

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