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NFL Exec Reveals What League Thinks Chicago Bears Do At 9th Pick


It’s incredible to think, but at this point, there is more intrigue about what the Chicago Bears will do with the 9th overall pick next week than the 1st overall pick. That is because everybody knows they are taking Caleb Williams at the top. He’s their quarterback of the future. There is far more speculation regarding the #9 spot because it’s unclear which players will be available and what GM Ryan Poles’ priorities are. Several experts seem to think he will stay focused on helping Williams, targeting another wide receiver or an offensive tackle.

There is nothing wrong with that idea, especially since the general consensus is the top of this draft is heavy on offensive talent. However, hearing what people inside the league think will happen is always interesting. Insider Matt Lombardo got in touch with a team executive to ask about the feeling of what Chicago may do at #9. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much uncertainty. The source seemed plenty confident that Poles has a game plan, and it doesn’t involve an offensive player.

Or stay at #9, for that matter.

More likely, though, might be the possibility that Poles and the Bears trade back to acquire assets later in this year’s draft and perhaps even a first-round selection in 2025.

“I’m not sold they will even take Odunze if he’s on the board,” a veteran NFL evaluator tells me. “I think they trade down and take an edge rusher. They only have one pass rusher on the roster, and that’s Montez Sweat.”

This seems to be the most likely scenario…

…If Poles’ phone rings with a phone call from a team in the late-teens to early 20s, and can come away with a second-round pick — which the Bears don’t have this year, along with a 2025 first round pick, that’s probably too sweet a deal to pass up.

One inescapable truth remains about the Chicago Bears.

Their head coach is a defensive specialist. Matt Eberflus thinks through that side of the ball. He won’t do anything to disrupt helping Williams, but it’s only natural that he would want to keep the defense strong, too. Having only one reliable pass rusher in a 4-3 scheme isn’t advisable. Maybe Gervon Dexter will take a big step forward this year. Still, the Bears can take that gamble. There is a strong possibility some talented pass rushers will be available after moving down from #9. That is why the move makes sense. They add to their limited inventory of picks and plug their biggest remaining need.

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Besides, the Chicago Bears could easily turn back around with that extra pick and invest it in the offense later in the draft. Helping Williams is a big deal, but this is still a team. If the Bears want to make a run at the playoffs, they must be strong on both sides of the ball. The NFC North is one of the most offensively loaded divisions in the NFL. Detroit, Green Bay, and Minnesota call all score. A strong defense is required to hold them in check. That is best accomplished with a good pass rush.


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Apr 22, 2024 7:01 am

I wonder just how highly Poles thinks about trading back, it seems to me he trades down or up when it is necessary as he has done in the past. The other thought that many seem to overlook are the moves he has made in free agency. Without question he has definitely upgraded the offense and defensive sides K Allen, D Swift, Bates, K Byard, G Everett and C Sheldon, M Pryor all add starting caliber play or much better depth as backup players than this team had in 23. He can afford to pick and choose in this draft… Read more »

Dr. Melhus
Apr 20, 2024 10:03 am

Sure, if Poles is offered/can negotiate a sweetheart deal where the Bears move down from #9 and get a second this year. a late first this year, and a first next year, he should take it. That said, IMO there are 6 ‘purple chip’ players, a step above blue chip, in this draft. Williams (who the Bears are presumably taking first overall), Maye, MHJ, Nabers, Odunze, and Alt. My feeling is that of one of them is there at #9 (Odunze being the most likely candidate), you grab one and don’t look back. If not, if McCarthy is still on… Read more »

Apr 19, 2024 10:03 pm

If the Bears select a DE it should be Turner with his explosive burst and speed, or Verse with his size.
If Poles trades back it’s to grab JPJ or Thomas between 17-19.

Dr. Steven Sallie
Dr. Steven Sallie
Apr 19, 2024 7:38 pm

How tempting–trading 2024 1st round picks, and the Bears receive an additional 2nd round pick and a 2025 1st round pick. Just imagine then the potential combination of non-blue-chip players they could select. But is this offer realistic?

Apr 19, 2024 7:24 pm

I think a trade down is going to happen. Poles wants more picks, and the Bears need an edge rusher to pair with Sweat. A trade down to 15-19 could get the 2nd round pick Poles wants, and still get one of the top edge players, (Verse, Latu, Robinson) and then take a WR, who can take over the WR3 for the Bears while gaining experience with Moore and Allen teaching him the ropes. If the Bears field an elite defense similar to the last 8 games they played last season, it will be a multiplier for the offense as… Read more »

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