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Adam Schefter Reveals Bears Are Being Praised For QB Evaluation Process


The Chicago Bears have a longstanding stigma surrounding their handling of quarterback evaluations in the past several decades. Despite numerous opportunities to land great ones, they always seem to make the wrong decision. In 1979, they valued a backup running back over Joe Montana. They didn’t think Daunte Culpepper was worth taking at #7 overall in 1999. Rex Grossman was worth keeping over drafting Aaron Rodgers in 2005. Selecting Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes. You can understand why several Bears fans have been jaded throughout the entire process leading up to the 2024 draft. Adam Schefter of ESPN provided some much-needed comfort on that front.

It appears the organization, led by GM Ryan Poles, has received some praise for how they’ve handled the pre-draft process. Rather than waffle on the quarterback decision all the way up to the draft, the Bears did their film work, met with people close to every quarterback, met the quarterbacks at the combine, and then made their decision on which direction to go. Once it was clear Caleb Williams was their guy, he was the only QB they brought in for a private visit. In doing so, it sent a message they were serious about making him their priority.

The Chicago Bears understand the value of a good first impression.

This wasn’t always the case. Jim McMahon had plenty of stories about how he was treated by George Halas and Jim Finks shortly after being drafted in 1982. Tony Eason wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms a year later in New England. Part of building a successful relationship between player and organization is that feeling of being wanted. The last thing Williams needs is a sense the Bears aren’t sure about whether he’s the guy. If they show shaky confidence in him, he’s almost certain to feel the same about them.

Nobody can say Poles and the organization haven’t done everything in their power to make Williams feel welcome. They stacked the roster with as much offensive talent as possible and hired an offensive coordinator he’s familiar with. Williams and Shane Waldron have a history that dates back to before he got to college. Now, the Chicago Bears have shown how serious they are by making him their entire focus following the combine. If Williams doesn’t feel wanted after this, he will never be satisfied.

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Apr 19, 2024 12:00 pm

I admit I was JF advocate, wanting him to have the opportunity being given to Williams. BUT, business is business, and the circumstances just were not workable with a new OC and only one year left on his rookie deal. Looking at Williams scouting report, I felt he was a watered down version of Fields, but after watching film, Williams does indeed look to have superior processing speed in diagnosing pre and post snap plays. I am much more excited now, knowing Williams will be given the best environment any rookie starting QB could ask for. Now, the rest is… Read more »

Tom Waddle Told Ya
Tom Waddle Told Ya
Apr 19, 2024 8:28 am

What kind of welcome did Tom Brady and Kurt Warner get on their teams? They had to persevere and claw their way to the top, and it made them who they are. Hopefully the Bears arent spoiling Caleb too much.

Gator Joe
Apr 19, 2024 6:54 am

Red carpet treatment is fine but let’s hope the result is mutual respect. Let’s not see, any “Buffone who?” moments. Learn your history young man and you will understand where you are and why it’s important.

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