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VIDEOS: Witness The Greatness Of Tyson Fury’s Incredible KO Win


(Photo credit to BT Sport)

There is quite literally NOTHING like a Tyson Fury fight.

The heavyweight boxing champion defended his WBC heavyweight championship against fellow Englishman and former sparring partner Dillian Whyte yesterday in front of more than 94,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in London. As you can guess from that number alone, the scene was amazing, truly a spectacle to behold.

It began with Fury’s walkout, who is famous for having some of the most extravagant walkouts in all of boxing, a sport known for its pageantry.

Although the walkout seemed to last forever, it was fine with the crowd. In a walkout that involved thrones, a chanting crowd, robes, and The Notorious BIG, this had a little bit of everything.

I would make the argument already that this is a top ten fight photo of all time.

In Fury’s long awaited return to the United Kingdom, just look at how raucous it was for the national anthem…

In the fight itself, Fury would go on to out box and outclass his opponents like he always does, landing a vicious uppercut in the sixth round that some are already calling the best punch he’s landed in his entire career. The uppercut would leave Whyte unable to continue, leading to a Fury win by KO/TKO in the sixth round. Take a look at the pandemonium that ensued afterwards.

Whyte tried to get up and continue after the punch, but take a look at how he reacted. His body simply would not let him continue.

And of course, no Fury win is complete without one of his famous in-ring sing alongs after the win. Just witness this epic sing along with the crowd. If this is truly Fury’s last fight, we will miss these moments that are simply just unlike anything else in sports…

Fury reiterated after the fight that this would be his last fight, although that has been met with a lot of skepticism and non-belief. One man who was present at the fights was UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Ngannou and Fury have both been vocal about wanting to make a cross-over fight between the two to see who the best heavyweight in the world is. Ngannou appeared in the ring with Fury after the fight. Here’s what he had to say about that night and about his potential future fight against Fury.

Ngannou is currently recovering from a knee surgery and working on renegotiating with the UFC to try to find a deal that will allow him to take a boxing fight with Fury, so the status of this potential future matchup is very much up in the air at this moment.

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