Monday, June 10, 2024

Nate Diaz Wants Michael Chandler; “Send A Contract, It’s Time.”


If you want blood and guts, you might have it.

In Nate Diaz’s seemingly never-ending campaign to find a fight, he is now calling out Michael Chandler.

Chandler is coming off one of the craziest knockouts in UFC history at UFC 274 this past weekend after a vicious knockout of Tony Ferguson. In fact, UFC President Dana White said it was “the most vicious knockout I’ve ever seen.”

In his post fight octagon interview, in which Ferguson was just regaining consciousness, Chandler called for a title rematch against either Charles Oliveira or Justin Gaethje (who were set to fight in the main event later that night). Chandler also said if the UFC does not want to make either of those rematches, there’s only one man he has on his mind… Conor McGregor. If you haven’t seen the legendary promo, take a look at it here:

However, since then, Diaz has inserted himself. Earlier this week, Diaz tweeted that he wanted to fight on the July 30 card at welterweight.

Chandler mentioned he wanted to fight McGregor at 170. However, realistically McGregor still won’t be ready to fight any time soon as he’s still recovering from his brutal leg break from last July. In fact, there’s been rumors lately that McGregor might actually not fight this year after all.

Chandler, however, should theoretically be ready to go. Especially by July 30. Chandler did share photos of his finger after the fight, however, so maybe he’ll need some recovery time.

Soooo, Diaz and Chandler appear to have their sights set on each other now. And it appears Chandler is down for the fight too.

If this fight were to be booked, IT WILL BE WILD. Obviously Diaz has never been in a boring fight. Chandler has became one of the fans favorite fighters since joining the UFC as his explosive style has lead to some instant classics already in essentially all four of his UFC fights so far.

If Chandler is healthy and ready to go, UFC PLEASE book this fight and give us an instant classic and relieve Diaz of his contract like he’s been begging!

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