According to Yahoo Sports, D’Andre Swift’s drop late in the game against the Chicago Bears resulted in a $175,000 betting loss. An anonymous MGM bettor wagered $175,000 for the Lions to cover the 2.5 point spread against the Bears and Swift’s drop was the difference maker.

With less than :10 seconds left in the game, Swift broke free down the sideline and Matt Stafford hit him in the chest as he fell into the end zone. The only problem was he dropped the ball.

Had Swift caught the ball, Detroit would have taken a 30-27 lead and sealed the victory against the Bears. That would have paid out $159,090.90 on the $175,000 bet, instead some poor sap is going hope broke. Though, anyone who has $175,000 to bet on a football game may not be best described as “poor” or “broke.”

Whoever bet that $175,000 had less faith in Mitch Trubisky than the Chicago fans during the first three quarters yesterday. Before going 8-10 and throwing three touchdowns in the fourth, Trubisky was less than impressive to open the 2020 season. That all changed when Anthony Miller caught the go ahead touchdown with 1:54 to play. Again though, had Swift caught the ball it would have been all for nothing.

Here’s some of the best tweets about Swift’s drop:

It’s the tale of two cities today with Chicago fans rejoicing a 1-0 start while Lions fans debate if their running back should be cut after dropping a simple pass.

Here’s the best part, the Lions fans spelled his name wrong in every single one of those tweets. Haha.

Can’t wait for Week 2.