The wait for online sports gambling in the state of Michigan is finally over. The Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director Richard Kalm, during the board’s monthly meeting last Tuesday, said that an announcement that would involve operators such as DraftKings would be made sometime soon. That day was today. DraftKings partnered with Bay Mills Resort and Casino and will be the first platform to go live in Michigan. Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill in December of 2019 that would legalize sports betting and online gambling, but it has since been a very long and difficult process to receive rules approvals and necessary legislative endorsements. I know, boring stuff, just let us bet! Michigan has had in-person betting since March 11, but the COVID-19 plague has pretty much eliminated the possibility of customers there, with casinos and resorts having to shut down and limit the number of people in the building. Finally, now those of us in Michigan can get into the action and start wagering on games.

Why It May Take Some Time For Books To Launch

You may be reading this article right now and thinking “alright, let’s go download the app and start betting.” Well, you may not be able to immediately, even though the books were approved today. Operators for the books need to do several tests before they are ready to launch. Kalm suggested that it may take up to four or five days from the approval for the board to launch and for operators to start taking bets. In the mind of the general public, the wait has already been too long. So don’t panic if you can’t access your book right now, it just may take a few days, unfortunately.

Special Offers From DraftKings

For this special moment in sports history in Michigan, DraftKings has an absolutely amazing offer to give to you. With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the nation, online sports betting has been a significant portion of casino revenue. Because of this, there has been a concerted effort for sportsbooks to offer great deals to their customers. You can take advantage of these deals as soon as your book launches in Michigan.

$200 Free DraftKings Michigan Offer

DraftKings gained access to the Michigan market after a deal with Bay Mills Resort and Casino in June 2020. DraftKings has made great strides towards the sports betting market and is the market leader in several states. When you, the Michigan sports bettor, sign-up for a new account with DraftKings you will receive $200 worth of free bets. You get a free $100 sportsbook bet, but then you get another free $100 to use in DraftKings Casino. So that’s basically a free $200 for you to claim as soon as you sign-up when books become available. Go claim your free money.

$1,000 Deposit Bonus

When you sign-up with DraftKings Sportsbook, you will receive 20% back in the form of site credit that you can use on any wager you choose. Whether you are a sharp or a novice bettor, this deal is sure to put extra money in your pocket fast. Deposit $5,000 to receive the maximum $1,000 bonus, and for every $25 you spend on the site, you will receive $1 towards your owed bonus. This is literally free money, so go take advantage today.

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