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Conor McGregor Tried To Fight Machine Gun Kelly


Sunday night at MTV’s Video Music Awards things got a little wild at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York in an unexpected way.

Before the show began, celebrities were making their red carpet appearances as usual. That’s when Conor McGregor crossed paths with rapper/singer Machine Gun Kelly and his girlfriend Megan Fox. Somehow, this encounter lead to McGregor throwing a drink at MGK and then lunging at them and actually throwing a punch at MGK before security would break things up.

As of now, it is unclear what exactly started or lead to this scuffle. Rumors said that McGregor had asked MGK for a photo and when MGK declined, McGregor got mad and escalated the situation. McGregor would eventually throw a punch at the singer which did not actually connect.

However, Karen Kessler, a spokeswoman for McGregor said in a statement to ESPN that McGregor did not in fact ask for a photo. She stated “Conor McGregor did not ask anyone for a picture, nor did he instigate this incident. He does not know Machine Gun Kelly, outside of the fact that he attended Conor’s fight this past July.”

The situation has drawn a lot of similarities to McGregor’s 2019 incident in which he punched an elderly man in an Irish pub after the man declined a drink of McGregor’s whiskey Proper No. 12. McGregor took issue with the fact that the man didn’t want a drink of McGregor’s whiskey, which lead the former two division UFC champion to punch the man, who was likely in his sixties, square in the head. To the man’s credit, he took the punch like an absolute champion. However, this was easily one of McGregor’s most ridiculous screwups outside of the octagon, which has drawn many comparisons to his recent punch thrown at MGK.

In a backstage interview with Entertainment Tonight after the incident, McGregor majorly downplayed the incident saying “there was no scuffle at all.” He would continue on to say “I don’t even know the guy to be honest with you” and finish by saying “I only fight real fighters, people that actually fight you know what I mean? I certainly don’t fight little Vanilla Ice boy rappers.”

Keep in mind that McGregor is still very much in the process of rehabbing his nasty leg break from only 2 months ago on July 10 at UFC 264. Given the fact that he was walking around with a walking cane on Sunday night, he was certainly in no position to be starting fights with anyone at this point, even if they aren’t trained fighters.

You can add this to a long list of incidents that McGregor has been a part of now outside of the cage. As of late, it seems as though he’s almost been trying to lose more and more fans on a daily basis.

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