Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Things Get HEATED At Woodley-Paul Press Conference


Before YouTuber Jake Paul meets the former 5X UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley in an 8-round boxing match on Sunday August 29, the two met during a press conference on Thursday, and things got HEATED afterwards to say the least.

The press conference itself was about what you would think. Paul was being his brash self while Woodley was mostly quiet and reserved, doing his best to not let things get to him.

However, it was right after the PPV ended that things started to get out of control. Apparently, one of the members of Paul’s large entourage was having some words with Woodley’s mother Deborah Woodley, commonly known as Momma Woodley to the MMA community.

Woodley’s sister would confront the member of Paul’s entourage who was allegedly heckling Momma Woodley, which would lead to near chaos breaking out.

To put into perspective, Momma Woodley has been one of the most adored figures in MMA for years now. She has become famous for her interactions with Tyron’s opponents, whether it comes after a win or loss. For example, here’s how she greeted Darren Till after Tyron beat Till for the Welterweight championship in 2018

After Kamaru Usman would go on to end Tyron’s Welterweight title reign in 2019, Usman would have an interaction with Momma Woodley that would put a tear in the eye of nearly anyone who has a heartbeat.

So naturally, when someone was trying to talk down to Momma Woodley, Tyron did not react kindly to put it simply. As soon as he found out his mother was being disrespected, he would spring into action trying to defend her.

It should be noted that Jake Paul was not the one that started this incident, however it was someone who was there on behalf of him. If there wasn’t enough intrigue behind this fight already, this certainly adds some fuel to the flames between the two.

Woodley takes on Paul in an 8-round boxing bout on Sunday August 29 live on Showtime PPV for $59.99.

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