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Bears, Packers Betting Recap on PointsBet


Well, the Bears lost to the Packers. What else is new? But, despite the loss, it’s still a Monday worth celebrating because the Bears are in the playoffs, and you should’ve won some money if you followed my advice.

The game was much closer than the final score shows, but it followed the blueprint for how most Bears vs. Packers games go, especially towards the end.

How many times have we seen Trubisky and Nagy screw up a call at the end of the game (the 4th and 1 pass play), and then watch Rodgers bleed the clock to put the game out of reach? It came down to one play, and the Bears came away empty-handed with less than ten minutes on the clock.

Anyway, let’s talk about your winnings from PointsBet.

Bears vs. Packers Betting Recap 

Over 48.5 Points

This was a pretty easy bet for me, especially because of how nuclear the Packers’ offense has been all season. The Bears were without two of their top corners, and sure enough Rodgers and Head Coach Matt LeFleur schemed right into that.

Rodgers finished the season with 51 touchdowns, 48 passing and three rushing. He now has the two highest QBRs of all-time (2011, 2020). No matter what the Bears did defensively, he was going to find the end zone at least three times.

For the Bears, I thought they would run the ball better than they did and finish with more points. They still managed to find the red zone a lot, but the Packers defense looked as good as it ever has in my lifetime Sunday.

They blanketed Allen Robinson, who didn’t register a catch until the second-half. They also held Montgomery to 66 yards, which leads me to my only loss of the afternoon.

David Montgomery Over 81.5 Yards 🔴

The Packers’ run defense was a big weakness at the beginning of the season, but lately, it has transitioned to playoff-caliber. Adrian Amos, Preston Smith, Kenny Clark, and now Damon “Snacks” Harrison played great football on a top-five NFL rusher Sunday.

Should the Bears have picked up that 4th and 1 in the fourth quarter and continued their drive, there is no doubt in my mind that Montgomery would’ve picked up at least 15 more yards. The Bears controlled the clock Sunday, but one horrible play call stopped everything in its tracks.

Seriously, what the actual **** was that play call? It lost them the game. Well, that and the dropped interceptions.

Aaron Rodgers Under 285.5 Yards Passing 

The Bears defense was fine Sunday. They controlled the clock (nearly 34 minutes) and kept Rodgers off the field, an impressive feat until the fourth quarter.

Rodgers had a phenomenal first half, going 10-10 and three touchdown passes. Despite that, the Bears were in the game! If only Eddie Jackson was able to hang onto two crucial interceptions, Rodgers would have been held well under this prop and the Bears probably win that game.

Trubisky Over 14.5 Yards Rushing 

This was an easy bet too, but I am not happy that he only rushed for 22 yards total. Trubisky played average football Sunday, but average is not enough to beat a high-octane offense.

Trubisky needs a lot of confidence to play well and take deep shots. When the moments are brightest, he tends to play conservative and scared. In my mind, he made two good throws on Sunday: a check-down to Cole Kmet after recognizing the blitz and the 53-yard ball to Darnell Mooney.

Again, why is he not using his legs more? Seriously, why? He had several chances to pick up first-downs and make things happen, but instead, he kept the offense one-dimensional.

Trubisky is average, the Bears offense is average, the Bears defense is average, and it’s disappointing because they have had so many opportunities to prove otherwise.

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