Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Don’t Look Now, The White Sox Are Back In The AL Central


Most people, including myself, thought the White Sox were completely done for. We were discussing who could be used as trade bait at the deadline to revamp the White Sox for the coming years. But, it seems like something has changed for the White Sox, and they are playing significantly better baseball.

Only 5.5 Games Out

As of May 25th, the White Sox only sit 5.5 games out of first place in the AL Central. They currently are in fourth place, but only a few games separate 2-4 in the standings. Since the Sox play the Tigers this upcoming series, they have a legitimate chance to be in 2nd place and only a couple games out of first place.

This is honestly pretty crazy all things considered. The White Sox were 15 plus games under .500 at one point and they looked like one of the worst teams in the league. If they could turn this season around, Pedro Grifol will get an insane around of props from the league.

The White Sox have been provided with a spark of some unlikely heroes. Clint Frazier has played very well since he has joined the team and he has made a strong case to stick around the club for a bit. I am not sure how it would all work out once Eloy comes back, but they need to have the best 26 guys on the roster.

Jake Burger has been another name that has really given the Sox a fighting chance, as he was listed on some early season All-MLB teams for third base. His presence in the lineup has given the White Sox a true power bat to pair with Luis Robert Jr, who also has been on one of his hot streaks.

7-3 In Their Last 10

The White Sox have not only played well in their last 10 games, finishing seven and three, but they have won the last three plus series, which is a great sign. The Twins have a very difficult schedule coming up, so the White Sox have a real chance to take first place within the next couple of weeks.

If they can take over before the trade deadline, one could wonder what their moves would be. Last year they only traded for the now DFA’d Jake Diekman, but it would be absolute malpractice if Rick Hahn stayed pat this year as well.

They could easily target another starting pitcher, and perhaps a starting second basemen to really solidify the lineup. The problem with the White Sox lies within the fact that they were not playing well due to injuries and underperformances. They will have to make some tough decisions if they want to add another hitter to this lineup, as they already have a huge logjam.

If Yoan Moncada continues to play well and Tim Anderson turns back into his old self(which should happen, right?) then the only spot that would be up for grabs would be second base or right field depending on who is up at the time. Gavin Sheets has played well enough to earn some at-bats somewhere, which complicates things even more.

Unless they do some trades that include Sheets or Eloy, then it would be hard to fully improve the lineup unless they are ready to move on from some certain players. I can’t imagine that happening, so the moves in the lineup would be minimal. Even the rotation is full unless they decide to ship someone off or get rid of someone.

It seems like it is up to the current team to pull together and push through the tough spot they are in. If Lance Lynn and Dylan Cease go back to their old selves, they can really make a push. Everyone just needs to have a career year…


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May 25, 2023 8:00 pm

Get to .500 first then I’ll go there.

Zdeňka Rachelle
Zdeňka Rachelle
May 25, 2023 6:01 pm

Everyone just needs to have a career year

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