As the 2018 baseball season begins, Chicago fans are excited. The Cubs fans are prepared for another championship run with newly signed ace Yu Darvish and a skinnier, more athletic version, of Kyle Schwarber.

Meanwhile, White Sox fans are buzzing with optimism as their squad appears set to start turning the rebuild around with an influx of young talent. Hawk Harrelson is also retiring, thank baby Jesus.

What are the odds of a Chicago vs. Chicago World Series? Well, a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times mathematically calculated that exact possibility.

The result? 450/1. This is primarily because the White Sox only have a 150/1 chance to reach the World Series, while the Cubs sit at 12/1.

NOTE: The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are 3,000 to 1. 

As you can see from the chart, the most likely World Series doesn’t include either Chicago team with a 17/1 chance of LA vs. Houston. Screw that.

An all-Chicago World Series is a dream for most local baseball fans, if the White Sox get their shit together it could become a reality. (insert Cubs jab here)

Opening Day can’t come soon enough.