The Cubs needed a day like today and so did Cubs fans.

Top 1

Trevor Williams starts off with some command issues and walks Ronald Acuña Jr. on four pitches. First pitch looked like a strike though.

Williams picks off Acuña. Initially called safe on the pick-off attempt, but Cubs challenge and the call is overturned.

Freddie Freeman singles to left.

Williams beats Marcel Ozuna with a fastball in the heart of the zone and strikes him out swinging.

Travis d’Arnaud strikes out swinging.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 1

Ian Happ called out on strikes and another brutal call by the ump. Pitch from Huascar Ynoa was definitely outside.

Willson Contreras launches an opposite-field home run! He’s been hot lately and the Cubs lead 1-0.

Three straight games with a home run for Willson.

Anthony Rizzo called out on strikes.

Kris Bryant dumps a single to right field.

Bryant to second on a very wild pitch from Ynoa.

Joc Pederson hits it hard, but right at the Braves’ second baseman.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 1

Top 2

Dansby Swanson singles to center.

Ehire Adrianza with a great drag-bunt and he reaches safely.

Austin Riley grounds out to Rizzo. Runners go to second and third.

Guillermo Heredia strikes out swinging.

Williams gets out of the second with no damage, striking out the pitcher to strand both runners in scoring position.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 1

Bottom 2

Javier Báez grounds out to second.

Jason Heyward rips one past Freeman and slides in safely for a double.

David Bote bangs a double to left-center field and the Cubs lead 2-0!

Williams strikes out swinging.

Happ tries to check his swing, but he can’t and strikes out.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 2

Top 3

Acuña pops up to Bryant.

Freeman grounds out to the right side.

Ozuna grounds out to second. A quick 8-pitch inning for Williams.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 2

Bottom 3


Rizzo follows up with a single to right.

Bryant bounces into a fielder’s choice.

Pederson walks.

Báez jumps all over a hanging slider and just like that it’s 6-0 Cubs!

And yes, the Cubs have finally scored more than 5 runs in a game. They really needed a breakout like today.

Heyward with a swinging bunt and he’s thrown out by the catcher.

Bote hits it hard, but he grounds out to shortstop.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 6

Top 4

d’Arnaud grounds out to Bryant.

Swanson lines out to Happ in center field.

Adrianza pops up to short. Williams settling in after some tense moments through the first two innings.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 6

Bottom 4

Williams strikes out looking.

Happ flies out to right.

Contreras flies out to right.

First inning the Cubs don’t score against Ynoa.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 6

Top 5

Riley lines out to right.

Heredia reaches on a throwing error by Javy.

A pinch-hitter for the Braves and here’s something you don’t see often. How about 13 years between MLB at-bats?

He grounds into a 4-6-3 double play.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 6

Bottom 5

Rizzo leads off with a single to left field.


Pederson reaches after getting hit by a pitch.

Báez strikes out swinging.

Heyward walks. Two on for Bote.

BOTE!!! Holy shit what a day for the Cubs. Five home runs and it’s 11-0!

Williams reaches on an infield hit.

Happ grounds into a fielder’s choice. Williams out at second.

Contreras grounds out to Riley.

Score: Braves 0, Cubs 11

Top 6

Acuña smokes a single to left field.

Freeman walks.

Ozuna takes a couple pitches off the edge and he walks. Williams exits after 5+ innings.

Ryan Tepera now pitching for the Cubs.

d’Arnaud grounds into a 6-4-3 double play. Cubs will gladly trade in the run for the two outs.

Swanson flies out to Happ and that’s it for the Braves after loading the bases with no outs.

Score: Braves 1, Cubs 11

Bottom 6

Rizzo with his third hit of the game, lining the ball down the right-field line and he makes it to third base as the ball bounces off the side wall and past Acuña.


Pederson walks.

Javy strikes out swinging.

Heyward lines out to center field.

Bote grounds out to Swanson, who makes a nice play at short.

Score: Braves 1, Cubs 13

Top 7

Shelby Miller making his second appearance for the Cubs. Matt Duffy now at third, Bryant to first base, Jake Marisnick in center, Happ in left, Pederson in right and Austin Romine catching.

Adrianza hits one off first base that also gets by Pederson down the line in right field for a triple.

Riley with a sac-fly to right field.

Heredia grounds out to Bote.

Pablo Sandoval pinch-hits and walks.

Acuña singles hard into center field.

Freeman walks and for the second consecutive inning the Braves have the bases loaded.

Ozuna singles to left-center field, driving in two runs. Freeman stops at third.

Alex Jackson strikes out swinging.

Score: Braves 4, Cubs 13

Bottom 7

Matt Duffy bounces out to Swanson.

Happ singles to left field.

Jake Marisnick flies out to right field.

Austin Romine flies out to left field.

Score: Braves 4, Cubs 13

Top 8

Brandon Workman now pitching for the Cubs.

Swanson strikes out swinging.

Adrianza grounds out to Bryant at first.

Riley walks.

Dan Winkler replaces Brandon Workman.

Heredia grounds into a fielder’s choice.

Score: Braves 4, Cubs 13

Bottom 8

Bryant pops up to first base.

Pederson strikes out swinging.

Baez strikes out swinging.

Score: Braves 4, Cubs 13

Top 9

Jason Adam comes in to pitch for the Cubs.

Sandoval lines out to center.

Acuña pops up to Bote.

Johan Camargo grounds out and the Cubs with a much-needed blowout win.

FINAL: Braves 4, Cubs 13