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WATCH: Connor Bedard Nets Hat-Trick Of Highlight Goals In Debut


It’s been a long time since the entire NHL has been this excited about one prospect. And yet, here comes Connor Bedard, riding on his metaphorical chariot of hype.

The Blackhawks made several big moves this summer, including the acquisition of Hart Trophy winner Taylor Hall. But none of those seemed to matter when compared to Chicago’s new “golden boy”, Bedard, who was drafted first overall back in June.

Blackhawks fans were able to get a first look at their new favorite player Saturday when he skated in the Tom Kurvers Prospect Showcase against the Blues. Bedard has shown up in a few videos on social media, displaying his terrific scoring and puck handling as he navigates obstacles on the ice. However, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Bedard on the ice, and it’s easy to forget just how dominant he is.

We were all reminded Saturday with a performance that undoubtedly made every Blackhawks fan’s day a bit better. His first goal in a Chicago sweater was a jaw-dropper, as he delivered a blistering shot that the Blues goaltender had no chance of stopping.

We’ve talked plenty about how Bedard already possesses one of the most lethal shots in the NHL. The unique motion where he draws the puck toward his body before firing it off stems from a broken wrist he suffered in 2018 when he decided to continue shooting with only his left hand while his other hand recovered. The motion gives him a bit of extra power and is confusing for goaltenders who haven’t seen a shot like it before.

With his second goal of the night, Bedard showed off the puck-handling ability that was a big part of becoming a first-overall pick, then found the net from a seemingly impossible angle.

Bedard quickly found the net for the third time, hammering in a wrister after weaving through a few Blues prospects.

When Bedard’s off the ice, it can be easy to forget just how talented a prospect he is. But with likely one of his only appearances before the season starts, the 18-year-old proved that he’s the real deal. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Rejoice, Blackhawks fans. We got our guy.

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