Friday, June 2, 2023

One Team Has Emerged As Favorites In Alex DeBrincat Trade


With the NHL draft approaching, the Chicago Blackhawks‘ buzz continues to pick up. Everybody knows new GM Kyle Davidson is aiming to rebuild the team after its steady decline over the past several years. That means certain key players could be up for grabs at the right price. None is getting more attention than All-Star winger Alex DeBrincat, fresh off his outstanding 2021-2022 season.

He finished with 41 goals, 37 assists and didn’t miss a single game. Most see him as one of the best young scorers in the NHL. Even better is that he is 24 years old and entering his prime. Plenty of teams will have an interest in such a player. Davidson knows this. His job is to ensure he gets the best possible package in return. According to Mark Lazerus and Scott Powers of The Athletic, one team is considered the early favorite to make a move for the Cat.

It’s believed that Philadelphia is in the mix, with the No. 5 pick in the draft the centerpiece of any potential package. The Flyers — who are always in win-now mode — also have Florida’s 2024 first-round pick (top-10 protected; it would become a 2025 first-rounder if it falls in the top 10 in 2024) from the Claude Giroux trade. Would those two picks, plus a good-but-not-great prospect be enough?

Davidson is hoping that as draft day approaches, the pressure will ratchet up and he can get more for DeBrincat, a bona fide star who is among the league’s best goal scorers and has become a very good two-way player who even kills penalties. But if no one else steps up to the plate with a better offer, the Flyers are a very real possibility.”

Alex DeBrincat to Philadelphia is an easy sell.

The Flyers had one of the worst offensive performances of any team last season, scoring 210 goals total. Only the Phoenix Coyotes were worse with 206. Philadelphia desperately needs a strong offensive presence. DeBrincat would be that guy. In return, the Flyers can offer the 5th overall pick along with perhaps another high selection and a solid prospect. The Blackhawks would have a chance to land a quality player with that pick. A few examples include Simon Nemec, David Jiricek, Matthew Savoie, and Marco Kasper.

Davidson will not likely make a move until the draft is almost at hand. He wants to drive the price as high as possible before making a decision. He knows Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane love Alex DeBrincat. So he can’t make a trade unless he is confident the return he’s getting benefits the franchise in a big way. While a true haul may not be possible, it sounds like the Blackhawks are in a good position.


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Jul 6, 2022 8:35 pm

I would think Kane at least, would want out if DeBrincat gets traded. Kaner, we love ya, but go to a winner. Let the Hawks get a boatload for you. Maybe get traded to Toronto or your home town Sabres. Just don’t waste away with the Hawks. It’s going to be three years at least, until they sniff the playoffs again.

Jul 5, 2022 12:21 pm

The Blackhawks showed Duncan Keith well-deserved respect by trading him when he wanted out. I don’t remember him putting them in a bad position to deal by going public with a desire to leave. If they decide to trade Towes or Kane, they need to communicate clearly with both and move them if they want. They both have earned the right to be allowed to say when they want to go. Trading Hagel and DeBrincat – two young talents to build around, translates to a VERY long rebuild.

Last edited 10 months ago by Navylifer3
Joe day
Joe day
Jul 4, 2022 12:05 pm

Time to blow it up. Trade kane and toews if you can get something for them.

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