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Alex DeBrincat Trade Could Highlight A Summer Of Tough Decisions For Blackhawks


The Chicago Blackhawks are facing a growing level of uncertainty that they haven’t felt for more than a decade. Yet, a sense of anticipation carried the weight of a season that saw lifelong fans denounce their once beloved hometown heroes and organization as a whole. As a result, a necessary culture shift is taking place, and fans need to prepare for a rebuild.

They will not be getting a break from the season-long sense of anger they just experienced, with tempers certainly growing. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that the NHL is a business. Tough business decisions are necessary for growth, and it is clear the most challenging choice the Blackhawks will make is whether or not to trade all-star and two-time 40- goal scorer Alex DeBrincat.

A Valuable Trade Chip

DeBrincat is currently the most valuable trade piece the Blackhawks have. With one year
remaining on his contract and a cap hit of $6,400,000, the 24-year-old pure goal scorer has teams lining up to acquire his assistance.

You may be asking, why on earth would the Blackhawks trade someone who makes the product on the ice THAT much better? To put it simply, DeBrincat helps win games – something the Hawks are looking to avoid during a tank and rebuild.

Successful teams build through the draft, and trading The Cat will set those wheels in motion even more so than the Brandon Hagel trade. But, keep in mind; that trading a player of this caliber will not be easy. Not only because it rarely happens, but because his value to the Hawks is immeasurable compared to the type of team looking to acquire him.

Trade Rumors Galore

Rumors are swirling, and I want to touch on one interesting scenario that could potentially
intrigue fans.

The New Jersey Devils currently hold the second overall pick in this upcoming Entry Draft. However, with a large crop of young talented players already in their possession, Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman has reported that GM Tom Fitzgerald and the Devils may trade said pick for an immediate impact player.

The logistics of a trade like this would be colossal, considering it has been 21 years since any team has traded a top-three pick. However, DeBrincat fits that bill and would slot in perfectly on a line with former number one overall pick Jack Hughes. They are also in the position to be able to match the $9,000,000 qualifying offer he is due at the end of his contract.

Trading DeBrincat would most certainly anger fans. But a draft pick like that, along with other assets, would pave the way to a brighter future. Nobody knows what is going on behind the organization’s closed-door meetings. Nevertheless, change will come because it has to, and this city deserves it. So hang in there, Blackhawks fans. Although uncertain times are ahead, the light at the end of the tunnel will grow brighter with every tough decision made.


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PF Jung Media Corp.
PF Jung Media Corp.
Jun 22, 2022 3:53 pm

Glad to see that Hawks are getting more coverage on SM… about time!

Jun 22, 2022 3:22 pm

Great article! Awesome insight! Going to be tough watching this team next couple years.

Jun 22, 2022 3:14 pm

Awesome article!!! Great insight. Going to be rough couple years watching my favorite team.

Jun 22, 2022 12:21 pm

Trading a known commodity and scoring machine, who is only 24 years old for draft picks and/or prospects is exactly what Bowman did his entire time as GM…….wash, rinse, and recycle……Toews and Kane will both be gone at the end (or maybe even traded prior to) of their contracts…… frees up over $21 million……enough to buy a good goalie and some D-men…… unfortunately we are stuck with Seth Jones $9 million a year contract…..another Bowman failure……

Jun 22, 2022 12:17 pm

This journalist is doing a good job.

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