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Press Recap: Blackhawks Introduce Luke Richardson


The city of Chicago finally had its first glimpse into the mind of the 21-year NHL veteran and new Head Coach of the Blackhawks, Luke Richardson. Alongside Kyle Davidson, Richardson was introduced this morning in front of a sea of media members at the team’s official store on Michigan Ave. 

The Hiring Process

A few weeks ago, it became public that Chicago had asked Montreal for permission to speak with Richardson. Shortly after, arrangements were made for him to travel here for his first interview. 

Richardson noted that his first interview ran for about four hours. He said the organization made him feel comfortable right from the get-go, talking about philosophies and video analysis. 

He received a call for another interview last week that ended in a casual night out for dinner watching a Stanley Cup Final Game. The opportunity for dinner was welcomed, saying it allowed him to show a different side of himself. 

The next morning, Richardson would be offered the job as Head Coach of the Blackhawks. 

“Kyle presented it to me in a way that I felt it was the right fit. We’re very comfortable in supporting each other going forward in the direction that management wants to go.”

The Direction Of The Team

Mark Lazerus of The Athletic presented Richardson with the first question regarding the rebuild, coupled with his desire to win. 

The new coach explained that his 21 years in the NHL have presented him with many different scenarios. He’s very optimistic about the future but realizes this will take time. 

He also touched on a key concept that is necessary for success. 


He wants there to be an open dialogue with every player in every situation going forward. This allows for that trust factor that every leader wants from their squad. He plans on gaining this trust by leading by example, being forceful when necessary, and creating a family aspect around the rink. 

His time in the AHL has also prepared him for prospect development.

He shared that he will always work with the strengths of players to get the best out of them per the game plan. Prospects will have the opportunity to show what they can do and will not be put in a position they aren’t ready for.

Blackhawks fans should let out a sigh of relief after hearing prospects will NOT be rushed. 

His Philosophy

Every person has said that Luke Richardson is not only a great coach but an even more amazing person. He hopes his character and relationship building can translate through his philosophy on the ice. Kyle Davidson referenced such in his opening remarks. 

“He’s a high character person who understands and can connect the many intricate pieces of the game, together.”

In regards to the X’s and O’s, Richardson noted his style is a combination of his own and all of the great minds he has worked with in the past. 

He emphasized the desire for veterans to lead by example, especially in areas like speed, skill, and strength. 

The longtime Defenseman would also go on to share his expectations of the defensive scheme. It will be a style that is fast, efficient, and to the point where players have just as much energy left to play offense. 

Although next year’s D-Core is uncertain, he does wish for more big-bodied physical defenseman. His zone coverage will be fluid and mold to the players he has in front of him.

Looking Ahead

All in all, fans should be extremely excited after getting their first look at the new head coach. His professionalism with the media will most certainly translate on the ice and beyond. 

His core values are exactly what the organization desires after last season.

I’m looking forward to what is ahead. It will be interesting to see how he coaches to the strength of current players as well as new additions that will be joining the team this summer. 

It’s exciting to hear how great of a person he truly is and I wish him nothing but success in his tenure with the Blackhawks. 


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Jun 29, 2022 8:15 pm

Saw his quote about the emphasis on player mental health…great to see that being prioritized, especially in this era where we are learning more about the impact of CTE in professional hockey and the NFL

Jun 29, 2022 3:09 pm

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hope they give him a fair shot. Blackhawks need someone with a defensive mind set.

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