Friday, June 2, 2023

VIDEO: Robbie Gould Says “F**k The Packers” After GW Field Goal


Robbie Gould was already a Chicago Bears legend when he left back in 2016. Nothing would ever change that. Yet nobody ever could’ve predicted he would add to that legend while playing for another team. That is exactly what happened though. In one of the wildest games in recent memory, the longtime kicker got his opportunity to do something he’s craved for over a decade now.

Drive a stake right into the hearts of the Green Bay Packers. That is exactly what happened. After a series of insane moments, the 49ers got the ball with just over two minutes to go. They drove down the field, burned Green Bay’s timeouts, and set Gould up with 45-yard attempt to win it. True to form, he remained good as Gould.

Yet the best part somehow came after the kick.

As the 49ers were celebrating their huge upset, the kicker found Jimmy Garoppolo on the field and the two embraced. The microphones caught Gould saying how good it felt, but then he quickly topped himself by stating the three words every Bears fan learns in infancy.

“F**k the Packers!”

This is a reminder that Robbie Gould shall forever be a Bear at heart. His second career in San Francisco has been phenomenal but the truth is the navy blue and orange never leave the blood. Fans in Chicago will celebrate his legacy even more after this. He got to live out the dream many Bears faithful have yet to enjoy. Beating Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs. Now Green Bay goes into an uncertain offseason.

Rodgers is 11-10 in his playoff career, further dampening his legacy. The Packers became the first team in NFL history to win at least 13 games in three straight seasons but fail to even reach the Super Bowl. These are the kinds of accomplishments Bears fans live for.

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