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Bears’ Pro Bowler Labeled One of Off-season’s Worst Signings


The Chicago Bears have been quite active this off-season. While many of their moves have received positive praise, Ryan Fowler of Bleacher Report criticized one of their free-agent signings, calling it one of the “worst free-agent signings” of the off-season so far. Ryan is referring to the Bears’ first signing during the opening hour of free agency. The deal was with former Lions and Eagles running back D’Andre Swift for a three-year contract worth $24 million. The deal included a $4 million signing bonus and guaranteed Swift $15.3 million. Ryan commented on the signing, stating Chicago did not need to invest at the running back position.

With Khalil Herbert already in town along with Roschon Johnson — whom the team spent early Day 3 draft capital on last spring — there wasn’t a glaring need for another running back in Chicago.

Everyone has their own opinions, but I believe Ryan might not have watched many Bears games last season. Apart from Justin Fields, the Bears lacked a dynamic runner. Swift adds a level of speed and burst that Roschon Johnson and Khalil Herbert don’t have in their game. He reminds me of a bit of Tarik Cohen but Swift is a more consistent runner and a lot more physical between the tackles. With the running back market heating up this off-season, Swift was among the top available players. Providing Caleb Williams with another weapon is extremely important. It’s nice to see that the Bears are doing everything possible to support their rookie quarterback and set him up for success. Time will tell with this signing but I think it will bode well for the Bears and most importantly Caleb Williams.

A Different Side To Caleb Williams No One Knows About..

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Apr 19, 2024 10:19 pm

Bears do not have a breakaway threat at RB. Too bad because the offense could use a burner similar to Achane or Gibbs as another weapon especially as a passing down mismatch with a linebacker.

Apr 19, 2024 5:39 pm

@Sam —
That’s a serious problem I have with Poles — Nobody at Halas Hall has his true NFL value recognized (particularly if he was acquired by Ryan Pace).

It’s a minor irritation for a fan like me — but for current Bears players (and for upcoming NFL FAs and their agents across the league) — it is an indication of a poorly run franchise.

If Caleb Williams turns out to be Patrick Mahomes II, Poles will find it easy to add FAs to the roster. But if CW is just another “guy” Poles will have difficulty.

Apr 19, 2024 5:28 pm

Nobody here, believes the “voodoo. . . .numbers,” anyway, Scoob.

So, your Greatest-Ever Off-Season is 100% safe.

P.S. Secretly, I hope you’re right.

Apr 19, 2024 5:11 pm

You’re not ruining my Greatest Bears off-season ever with your BS, voodoo, mumbo jumbo numbers, TGena.

Herbert’s stats don’t factor in we were blocking each other…

Apr 19, 2024 4:32 pm

The following illustrates the Explosive Run percentage of three Bears running backs and some NFL RBs that have been timed below 4.4 seconds in the 40-yard dash. An “explosive run” is defined as one of 10 yards, or greater. Only one sub-4.4 RB (Breece Hall) had a less than 10.9% explosive run ratio — and no Bears RB (other than Roschon Johnson) reached the 10% level. 10-yd+ Explosive Name. runs — ATT — Run % D Achane 22 — 102 — 21.6% J. Gibbs 27 — 182 — 14.8% R. Mostert 30 — 209 — 14.4% J. Taylor 23 —… Read more »

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