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Three Names Mentioned Already For Chicago Bears Roster Bubble


The Chicago Bears have vowed to put the best 53 players possible on their roster every year. That means nobody is truly safe. Only one thing can safeguard your job, and that is playing good football. GM Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus can’t afford to let personal loyalties, big contracts, or draft status get in the way of making the right decisions. That is why there could be some notable cuts looming on the horizon for some players on this roster. It is a matter of determining who has the most to lose.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune shed some light on this. In his estimation, three players could be in serious danger if they don’t have a good summer of training camp and the preseason.

At minimum, I expect the Bears to create legitimate competition for punter Trenton Gill, who had an uneven 2023 season. Defensive end Dominique Robinson would be one to keep an eye on and potentially wide receiver Velus Jones. The team seemed adamant about creating opportunities for Jones in 2023. We’ll see how a new offensive coaching staff utilizes him.

Gill had a disappointing second season in Chicago, posting a lower net punt average and higher touchback percentage. Both his accuracy and his distance weren’t anything special. Robinson recorded only a half sack and one QB hit in 11 games, blowing a big opportunity with additional reps before Montez Sweat’s arrival. Jones may survive thanks to the new kickoff rules, but his future as a receiver is on life support.

The Chicago Bears know they’re close to a breakthrough.

Poles has done an excellent job rebuilding the roster in just three off-seasons. They were two painful 4th quarter collapses from a winning record last year. They already added Keenan Allen to bolster their offensive firepower and are about to (presumably) upgrade at quarterback. If they land another premium player with the 9th overall pick, they could make a run at the postseason. All of this comes with the knowledge they also have nine picks waiting in 2025, including three in the first two rounds.

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Gill, Jones, and Robinson won’t be the only ones fearing for their jobs. This Chicago Bears regime clearly doesn’t fear making the tough decisions. If they sense a weakness on the roster, they will move fast to fix it. That means dumping players they have no use for. Those three haven’t done enough to earn their place. Maybe a revamped coaching staff can change things. Otherwise, don’t be shocked to see new names filling their roles on opening day.


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Apr 19, 2024 7:40 pm

I’m giving Jones and Scott the benefit of the doubt now that we might get a QB that can accurately thro them a pass. Jf1 never found them open and got them the ball with space to work. Hoping better coaching and better QB play can Rev up their game. Also better play calling should help. Putting players in a position to succeed was not the strongest suit from the last offensive staff.

Apr 19, 2024 12:32 pm

Robinson was a QB who switched to WR, and then to defensive end while in college. So this is the year to prove he belongs. If he does have a breakthrough, it will add much needed depth at edge. Otherwise…..HE GONE! Gill? He was meh, at best last year, and could easily be replaced. Velus Jones is a bust, and with the new kickoff rules, a RB would be better suited IMO, to take on the responsibility. It will be interesting to see how ST coaches build the kickoff return personnel and return strategy. It should be more fun to… Read more »

Apr 19, 2024 7:21 am

I have to say that Matt Bowen is easily the best listen of any person explaining nfl players and talent levels and upside. You always feel smarter and well-informed after listening to this dude. Painful listening to Bernstein some but at least he lets Bowen talk. He has been very accurate on players he likes and doesn’t like and I am optimistic that he likes CW.

Apr 19, 2024 7:15 am

@Gator Joe Don’t get me wrong. I want them to prove me wrong. I know we’ll be better for it. But the tone has to be set in camp, this is your play-in opportunity. Use it wisely or the results will no longer be in your favor. Give every man the ample opportunity without prejudice or malice, but that fire and the iron attached to it needs to be applied to those who need it.

Last edited 28 days ago by timgjerde56
Gator Joe
Apr 19, 2024 6:25 am

I’m giving Davis a break till he proves in camp he’s not a starter anymore. I hope his head is on straight this year and he’s back to healthy. If not, Bates will be the guy at RG. Gill needs competition but should be able to win the job. Robinson has shown nothing since his first game. Time is up on this project. Put up or waiver wire. Jones started slowly and I expected him to come on but he just really hasn’t. He can easily be replaced as a KR by a guy who can contribute some as a… Read more »

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