Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bears Reluctant To Fire Matt Nagy Early Despite Internal Pressure


Chicago Bears ownership isn’t deaf despite the strong belief of fans that they are. The McCaskeys are fully aware of what is going on with their team. Particularly when it comes to head coach Matt Nagy. Hoping for progress this season after a disappointing 8-8 finish in 2020, they’ve watched the team crumble to 3-7 after a fifth straight loss on Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens. An opponent that was fielding their backup quarterback in Tyler Huntley.

The fact this happened despite having two weeks to prepare? There is no getting around it. That loss was the worst of the season by a wide margin and the coaching was to blame. That is why the chants of “Fire Nagy” were so deafening. Fans have had enough. The media has had enough. According to a recent report, even the players have had enough. So why won’t ownership put an end to this fiasco and just send him packing?

The answer is straightforward if unremarkable.

According to a source, ownership is reluctant to fire Nagy midseason. They like and respect him as a person. It is felt they should at least let him finish out the rest of the year. A mode of operation that was the same for every other head coach before him. That won’t make fans happy but also isn’t surprising. At the same time, sticking with such a plan is becoming more and more of a challenge.

There is a lot of internal pressure to just make the move now. There is no point in letting Nagy finish out the season. He’s done little to help Justin Fields progress. Player discipline during games is worse than ever. Guys look like they’ve begun to check out. They’re getting tired of the rah rah speeches. They want tangible answers to this team’s problems. The head coach isn’t providing any.

Matt Nagy needs a win in the worst possible way

The Bears were never likely to fire him after Sunday because the team faces a short turnaround to Thanksgiving on Thursday. There they face the Detroit Lions. Under normal circumstances, this is just the sort of elixir he needs. Detroit is winless this season and the Bears already beat them earlier this season. Except given how the team has played lately? Nobody would be shocked if the Lions handed them a sixth consecutive loss.

If that happens, ownership may not be able to justify holding off the decision. Especially with a new NFL rule that will allow them to interview possible replacements two weeks before the end of the regular season. Dumping Matt Nagy would allow them to get a look at one of the assistants they might feel is a candidate. Say John DeFilippo or Sean Desai. Then when the window opens, they can start taking interviews and get a head start on most other teams.

Sadly, this organization seems too old-fashioned for that.

The odds still favor them holding off on the decision until the season is over. One additional part of this is the fate of Ryan Pace. If they want to make a move at GM too, then they will postpone firing Nagy. The Bears will need to replace Pace first and then give his replacement the authority to lead the search for a new coach. This is how the organization has always operated.

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