Monday, May 20, 2024

Caleb Williams’ Talks With Bears Are Way Further Along Than We Thought


The Chicago Bears appeared to make their decision at quarterback pretty early in the pre-draft process. Around the scouting combine was when Caleb Williams became their focus. The USC star met with them and made a good impression. So much so that they’d hoped to schedule a private visit immediately after the combine. While that didn’t work out due to scheduling issues, they eventually got him in earlier this month. He remains the only quarterback they’ve met privately. That clearly signals their intentions with the #1 overall pick.

It seems there is a misconception about how things have progressed. People tend to assume communication between the two sides will fall off after the visit and will not pick up again until the draft. That is far from the truth. According to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the two sides have been talking for weeks. A lot of it has been about football, but a healthy amount is apparently regarding Williams’ rookie contract. If you weren’t sure whether the horse was already in the barn before, here you go.

When Williams made his pre-draft visit a couple weeks ago, the Bears had him go to dinner with a few key players. Team officials have stayed in touch with Williams since via video chat sessions, just talking football. There still is a matter of agreeing to a contract, which could be more complicated than a normal slotted deal, given the uniqueness of Caleb’s draft process thus far. But sources say the quarterback’s conversations with the Bears have been very frank and positive.

The Bears clearly want Caleb Williams settled and ready as soon as possible.

One can safely assume the football discussions are centered around Shane Waldron’s new offense. While they can’t give him an actual playbook until he’s officially on the team, they are free to discuss concepts and what the system will entail. They will learn what he is comfortable with and what they hope to accomplish offensively. The contract discussions are another obvious part. Williams’ father serves as his agent and is somewhat notorious as a negotiator. The sooner the Bears can reach an agreement with him, the better.

They want Caleb Williams happy and prepared for minicamps and training this summer. No distractions. No controversy. They are operating like a team with a purpose. That purpose is to win games in 2024 and make a run at the playoffs. Williams might be a rookie, but this roster is good enough to win with him if he’s prepared. Since it’s clear the Bears see him as their guy, there is no sense wasting time. Every second can be used to get him ready for what is to come.

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