Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Alex Bars Turned Down a Huge Opportunity to Stay With the Bears


Ask this simple question. If you had a chance to join the defending Super Bowl champions and make more money in the process, would you do it? Odds are the majority of people asked this question wouldn’t even think twice about it. Those people are not Alex Bars. The rookie Chicago Bears undrafted free agent has spent his season thus far on the practice squad. A big surprise to many considering how well he played in the preseason.

Apparently one team took notice of him. According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the New England Patriots made an offer to sign Bars to their 53-man roster. Not a surprise given their rampant offensive line issues of late. However, they must’ve been more than a little taken aback when the rookie declined the offer. He wanted to stay in Chicago and as a reward, the Bears gave him a significant pay raise.

A pretty cool story for a player the team has high hopes for.

“The Bears have hope for the future of Notre Dame offensive lineman Alex Bars and were happy he decided to stay put earlier in the week when the Patriots offered him a spot on their 53-man roster.

Yes, that’s right, Bars made the choice to stick on the Bears’ practice squad over signing to be on the roster of the defending Super Bowl champions. Practice squad players are considered free agents, so they’re clear to sign with another franchise at any point. Bars could have walked out of Halas Hall and headed straight for New England. But after some consideration, he decided to remain where he is…

…The Bears gave Bars a raise that would be commensurate with what he would earn on the Patriots’ 53-man roster. Bears bumped Bars from the practice-squad minimum salary of $136,000 ($8,000 per week) to the rookie minimum of $495,000.”

Alex Bars may hear his number called soon

Why would Bars turn down such an opportunity? He didn’t offer an answer, preferring to keep it private. There are a few possibilities. He joined the Bears in the first place because he wanted to reunite with his old offensive line coach Harry Hiestand. It’s possible the young blocker didn’t want to part ways with a man he feels can get the best out of him. There is also a growing chance he could get called up to the main roster sooner than later.

Chicago is dealing with some rampant issues on their offensive line. So many that it’s possible some shuffling could be done in the next two weeks. This could open the door for Bars to get an opportunity. Something a lot of Bears fans think should’ve happened before the season began. It isn’t clear what the team is thinking, but their quick move to almost triple his salary says they want him to stay and have bigger plans in mind. It’s all about trusting the process and staying patient.

Pretty cool of Bars to grant them that courtesy.

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