Matt Nagy said he has no fear of losing his job when asked about it. Then again what else was he going to say? Anybody who watched the debacle in Green Bay unfold probably saw Ryan Pace shake his head. A clear sign that he knows how bad it looked. According to multiple rumors including sources from SM, team chairman George McCaskey is running out of patience.

That loss seemed to be somewhat of a breaking point. It no doubt reminded him too much of the apocalyptic night at Lambeau Field back in 2014 where the Bears lost 55-14. This was the same feeling. That sense of complete inferiority. Like the big brother picking on the little brother. A feeling McCaskey has grown tired of over the past 25-30 years.

Now things may be coming to a head.

So what exactly needs to happen in order for Pace and Nagy to get fired? A source informed me that it’s a pretty simple breakdown. McCaskey isn’t giving them a free pass for a mediocre finish this time. If the Bears finished 7-9 or even 8-8? It won’t matter. The GM and head coach will be gone. Only reaching a winning record and probably the playoffs would be enough to stop this runaway train.

For those who are fearful of such an idea Pace and Nagy could stay, here’s a reminder. The Bears would have to go 4-1 over these final five games in order to reach 9-7. They’ve lost the last five in a row with the offense looking dead and the defense losing its edge from having to play so many minutes each week. The odds of that happening are exceedingly low.

George McCaskey likely won’t wait around much longer

It’s gotten to a point where even the position of team president Ted Phillips is in question. A spot he’s clung to for 21 years. While some have argued his influence in the organization is overblown, the reality is Phillips has been involved in every major organizational decision since 1999. The Bears have six playoff appearances to show for it. The guy is 68-years old. What can he offer them in a position of such power at this point?

McCaskey has tried to maintain stability in the organization after taking over for his brother Michael in 2011. He stuck with the formula installed. That being to hire a GM who hires the head coach. All decisions would then be run through Phillips and himself. That hasn’t worked. It seems that realization may have finally struck. It might be time to try something different.

What could that be? Only he knows for sure.

One thing is certain. George McCaskey will be under a hot microscope when the season ends. Especially if the Bears finish as expected with a record of 8-8 or worse. Will he have the guts to shake things up? Things are trending in that direction for sure. Pace and Nagy better say their prayers because only a holiday miracle can save their jobs at this point. It doesn’t look like they have any magic left.