Sunday, August 14, 2022

The Undertaker Reveals His WWE Mount Rushmore In Bizarre Interview!


If there was one thing I didn’t see coming in 2021 it was an interview with Kevin Hart and The Undertaker…. in an ice bath.

A new episode of Hart’s podcast “Cold As Balls” released Tuesday featured the comedian interviewing all time pro wrestling great The Undertaker (real name Mark Calaway) having a conversation in side by side ice baths.

One of the biggest takeaways that fans took from the interview was when Undertaker gave his Mount Rushmore (top four greatest) of the WWE. According to Undertaker, his WWE Mount Rushmore is Andre the Giant, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker was a seven time WWE champion throughout his 33 year professional wrestling career. He is one of the longest tenured WWE wrestlers of all time and his streak of 21 straight Wrestlemania wins with 27 Wrestlemania appearances will likely never be broken.

Within the past year since his retirement in 2020, fans have seen Undertaker, or rather Calaway, doing interviews for the first time in his life. Calaway was famous for staying constantly in character his entire WWE career very rarely ever being seen in public and always committing to his character when he would be seen in public. Now, 33 years later, fans are finally getting to hear from Calaway and learn more about the man behind arguably the most famous and iconic professional wrestling persona of all time.

You can view the full interview between The Undertaker and Kevin Hart here:

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