Sunday, May 22, 2022

Cryptic Nate Diaz Tweet Could Mean He’s Re-Signed With The UFC?


UFC megastar Nate Diaz has long been a difficult person to decipher. He’s also long been at odds with UFC executives for most of his career.

Lately, the story has been Diaz trying to get either a fight or his release from the UFC. He’s even go as far as publicly tweeting for his release and tagging the UFC and Dana White (and attempting to tag UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell as well but tagging someone completely different) in the tweet to try to get their attention.

In our previous article breaking down why Diaz is in the situation he is in, we talked about why the UFC doesn’t want to give him a fight because Diaz is currently on the last fight of his deal. Allowing Diaz to fight out his current deal would allow him to walk away afterwards, and obviously the UFC doesn’t want to let one of their biggest stars of all time just walk away.

Since the tweet asking for his release on March 26, Diaz has tweeted GIFs of him fighting Conor McGregor and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

The Cryptic Tweet:

Now, in his latest tweet, which came last night, Diaz had the following to say:

Author’s Take:

The way I see it, this can be interpreted one of two ways. The first interpretation would be “hey UFC, thanks for sending me this new gear as a peace offering. You’re gonna need bigger pockets in there because of that MASSIVE deal that we just agreed to!” This would mean that Diaz has re-signed to a hugely lucrative new deal, or at least is close to one that hasn’t been announced yet.

The second interpretation would be “hey UFC, thanks for sending me this new gear as a stupid attempt at a peace offering. I’m keeping it. By the way, what you’re offering me in this new deal is wayyyyyy off and you’re gonna need to offer A LOT more for me to stay, so I’m gonna need some bigger pockets in these Venum pants!”

Only time will tell which route we are closer to heading down, but this is definitely a story to keep your eye on as it continues to evolve. Will the UFC maintain one of their biggest starts of all time, or will he walk away and go find bigger money elsewhere, perhaps in a Jake Paul fight?

These are just my interpretations of what Diaz is saying, but luckily there’s an official Nathan Diaz translator Twitter account. I’ll leave you with the official translation…

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