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Teddy Bridgewater’s Best Landing Spot For 2019


Teddy Bridgewater was solidified as the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings going into the 2016 NFL season. Unfortunately, he suffered a gruesome knee injury during practice that left some wondering if he would ever put on a NFL uniform again…

He fought and battled back from his injury and signed a prove-it deal with the New York Jets this past offseason. He showed that he was healthy enough this preseason that the New Orleans Saints traded a 3rd round pick for him right before the season began.

His contract will be up at the end of the 2018 NFL season and there is showing to be a high demand for quality quarterbacks. There a few teams that have sub-par starters, expiring contracts for other teams and the draft is looking like an extremely weak class this year.

Players like Bridgewater could see close to the dollar amount that Kirk Cousins commanded last NFL free agency, which seemed like an asinine statement only a few months ago.

The question becomes, “Where does Bridgewater sign?

Over the course of the next few months, I will be breaking down players that could be on the move this off-season, whether via trade or free agency, and how that can impact fantasy football moving forward. Whether this is for your work redraft league next year and you log this away until then or your competitive Dynasty roster and you need to make moves now, I’ll provide the breakdown of the player’s skill and what teams would be the best fit for them from a fantasy perspective.

Bridgewater’s Best Fit Is A West Coast Offense

Bridgewater fits best in a West Coast offense, which would allow him to get the ball out quickly, rely on the running game and distribute the ball to multiple receivers throughout the game. However, the best feature of Teddy’s game (and the biggest question mark coming off of his injury) is his mobility and ability to extend plays.

While having the elite NFL quarterbacks is great for fantasy purposes, it’s the mobile quarterbacks that prove to be extremely beneficial. For example, Lamar Jackson is nowhere near an elite NFL quarterback, but he’s proven to be a safe fantasy option right out of the gate because of his rushing ability and how rushing yards are counted in fantasy football.

While Bridgewater will not be anywhere near a Lamar Jackson type of runner on the football field, he can certainly move around enough to extend plays, scramble and pick up the first down if need be. Also, he can scramble enough to avoid pressure and has the accuracy to find a breaking wide-receiver either down the field or at the chains.

Bridgewater can be an above-average quarterback in this league and he’s proven that before while in Minnesota. With so many teams in need of a solid quarterback, Bridgewater should be in high demand in free agency.

Bridgewater in New York Is The Best Available Fit

The New York Giants have a need at quarterback next year and into the future despite saying they would move forward with Eli Manning next season.

The Giants head coach Pat Shurmur was with Bridgewater in Minnesota when he was the Offensive Coordinator. Shurmur runs a west coast offense that has a solid running game with Saquon Barkley, multiple weapons to throw to and he would be familiar with the system.

Eli would be able to start the season, but as soon as he starts to falter, Bridgewater would be able to come in and take over for years to come. He would be an instant upgrade to receiving options like Odell Beckham, Jr. and Evan Engram while offering possible fantasy relevance for Sterling Shepard. However, the biggest upgrade would come to Saquon Barkley who would no longer be the sole focus of defensive coordinators’ attention each week.

Bridgewater would open up the passing game more than Eli, who crumbles at the first sign of pressure, allowing more running lanes and scoring opportunities for Barkley.

While Bridgewater could end up in places like Jacksonville, Washington or even remaining in New Orleans, New York is the best fit for him to have fantasy football success.

(At the time of posting, Teddy Bridgewater will be playing in Week 17 for the New Orleans Saints)

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