Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Liam Hendriks Is Close To Returning


One of the best stories in all of baseball is Liam Hendriks beating cancer and making his return to baseball activities. He overcame some of the hardest challenges known to man and he is back on the mound. Once he gets to Chicago, it will be a very emotional return. Luckily for everyone involved, that won’t be much longer.

Liam Is Headed Back To Chicago

According to reports, Liam is heading back to Chicago this week and they will begin to map out a plan for his return.

This is amazing news, as he could be back before the calendar turns to June. That would be a remarkable recovery time for someone who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in January. It really shows how much of a fighter Liam really is.

While they have some more things to figure out, it seems like a move to add him back on the active roster could come as soon as next week and the White Sox will get their closer back. The game he returns will be a phenomenal sight and I cannot wait to see him back on the mound.

According to Jeff Passan, the plan is to let him get some live BP to major league hitters and they will evaluate after that. This will be his last big step to overcome before he gets back on the mound in Chicago or any other major league town.

If he immediately shows that he can get the White Sox hitters out in BP, then we will see him next week for sure. But, if it takes an extra week or two, as should be expected from someone recovering from stage 4 cancer, we may see him closer to June.

Regardless, the fact that Liam has pitched well at AAA and has made it this far is amazing. The amount of adversity he has overcome has been tremendous. Not many people can do what he did.

He Was A Saint For The Knights

When players go on rehab, they will occasionally splurge on a lunch or dinner for the team, as the minor league players are extremely underpaid and the food they are served isn’t great, if anything at all. Some players have been notorious for not buying anything at all. That was not the case for Liam, as he bought lunch three times for the team and even the opposing team.

For someone who has gone through so much to continually give back is truly amazing and it goes to show you how great of a person Liam really is. I know I am not the only one that is excited to see him get back on the mound in Chicago.


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Françoise Jordyn
Françoise Jordyn
May 18, 2023 6:18 pm

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Françoise Jordyn
Françoise Jordyn
May 18, 2023 6:17 pm

 I am not the only one that is excited to see him get back on the mound in Chicago.

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