Saturday, September 30, 2023

By Not Spending, The White Sox Missed On Making


Look, I get it. I understand it’s a business and the front office has to make hard decisions. I don’t understand how signing Bryce or Manny was a hard decision.

“I believe we got in the room with Machado and Harper, and if we were able to afford it, they absolutely wanted to come here,’’ he said. “That was expressed to us. That’s all I can go by.’’ – Kenny Williams 

So, hold the phone here. Bryce and Manny wanted to come here? And you didn’t pull the trigger? Is this a joke? Are you KIDDING ME?!?

The White Sox fan base was BUZZING about this offseason, hoping and praying the White Sox landed a top tier 26-year-old free agent. Actually not just top tier, a GAME CHANGER! Two players who could potentially be Hall Of Famers and you let them slip through the cracks.

Also to you Sox fans that defend the organization every chance you get, even when you’re wrong, turn around and walk away. The “Manny and Bryce wouldn’t be worth it.” chatter has me literally exhausted and confused why so many refuse to question their franchise.

Want to know why Bryce and Manny help? Especially Harper? Ticket sales, buzz, and marketability.

So, that’s a lot. 100,000 tickets? I hope the front office and fans that didn’t seem to think we needed them to see this and say “Oh, he would have generated a lot of traffic for the Sox.”

At this point, I am ranting and I have kind of lost where I am in this thing. I am just in shock that a team with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball and with an exciting young core didn’t pull out all the stops to land either of these guys.

With an offseason that brought much anticipation and excitement, this is how most Sox fans feel now.

“We would have overextended ourselves had we gone to an uncomfortable level.’’- Kenny Williams

Do you know what makes me uncomfortable? The fact that this franchise strikes out again and again. Step up, Rick, Kenny, and Jerry. This shit is getting really old.

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