Top 1

Lorenzo Cain goes after the first pitch and grounds out to Kris Bryant at third. Quick out for Kyle Hendricks after throwing 63 pitches in 3 innings on Opening Day.

Keston Hiura fouls off some pitches, but eventually strikes out swinging on a high fastball on the ninth pitch of the at-bat.

Christian Yelich serves an outside to center for a single.

Bryant caught in-between hops and has the ball bounce of his glove. Avisail Garcia reaches on the E5.

Travis Shaw pops up to Javier Báez.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs

Bottom 1

Ian Happ strikes out on three pitches to start things against Brandon Woodruff.

Eric Sogard flies out to left field.

Anthony Rizzo grounds out to first.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 2

Luis Urias strikes out looking.

Manny Piña lines out to Sogard.

Daniel Robertson grounds out to third.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 2

Bryant swings at the first pitch and grounds out to third base.

Joc Pederson strikes out swinging.

Báez grounds out to shortstop.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 3

Woodruff strikes out swinging.

Cain grounds out to second. Nice play made by Sogard.

Hiura flies out to Heyward in right field.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 3

Heyward bounces one to the right side, Hiura can’t make the play and neither can Robertson. Heyward reaches on the E3.

Tony Wolters grounds into a double play.

Hendricks strikes out looking.

And yeah, let’s just say the Cubs’ offense is struggling.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 4

Yelich with another hit into shallow center. He slides in safely at second for a hustle double.

Garcia with a line drive to center, where Happ makes a nice sliding catch.

Hendricks strikes out Shaw looking.

Urias lines out to short on the first pitch he sees and Hendricks gets out of the fourth without giving up a run after the leadoff double.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 4

Happ flies out to Yelich in deep left field.

Sogard strikes out swinging.

Rizzo strikes out swinging.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 5

Piña grounds out to shortstop.

Robertson singles to left-center field.

Woodruff drops down the sac-bunt. Robertson to second.

Cain fouls out to Rizzo behind first base. Despite the single Hendricks only needs 6 pitches in the fifth inning.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 5

Bryant strikes out looking.

Sounded good off the bat, but Joc flies out to Cain in straightaway center.

Báez strikes out swinging. That’s five no-hit innings for Woodruff.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 6

Hendricks strikes out Hiura for the second time.

Hendricks pitching carefully to Yelich and ends up walking him.

Garcia lines a ball to left-center. Yelich to third base. Shaw up with runners at the corners.

Shaw with a sharp grounder to first gets past Rizzo, but ump says it’s foul. Very close call. Shaw then pops up to Báez. Yelich stays at third.

Garcia steals second base on a 0-2 pitch to Urias.

Hendricks strikes out Urias! Still scoreless at Wrigley.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 6

Heyward strikes out swinging on a high fastball.

Wolters lines a ball to left, but Yelich makes a sliding catch moving in and and to his right.

Birthday boy David Bote pinch-hits for Hendricks.

Bote grounds out to Hiura at first. Woodruff with a no-hitter through six innings.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 7

Alec Mills comes in to pitch for the Cubs.

Piña grounds out to Bryant at third base on a 3-1 pitch.

Robertson grounds out to Báez.

Woodruff grounds out to Rizzo. Easy inning for Mills.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Bottom 7

FINALLY! Happ breaks up the no-hitter with a leadoff single in the seventh.

Sogard flies out to center.

Rizzo with a hard-hit by up the middle, but the Brewers can’t turn two as Urias throws wide to first after getting Sogard out at second.

Bryant goes from 0-2 to 3-2 and then sends a shallow fly ball to right field. Garcia comes racing in to make a sliding catch. With two outs and a 3-2 count, Rizzo was running on the pitch and would have scored if the ball fell in.

Score: Brewers 0, Cubs 0

Top 8

Cain hits a solo home run to left off Mills. Brewers lead 1-0.

Hiura grounds out to shortstop.

Mills gets pulled for lefty Andrew Chafin.

Yelich singles on the first pitch he sees. Three hits for him today, all to left field.

Garcia strikes out looking.

Shaw strikes out swinging.

Score: Brewers 1, Cubs 0

Bottom 8

Woodruff is done after seven innings, but things aren’t getting any easier for the Cubs as Devin Williams comes in.


Javy strikes out swinging.

Heyward strikes out looking.

Wolters draws a two-out walk.

Matt Duffy pinch-hits for the pitcher.

Duffy grounds one to short, Wolters out at second on the fielder’s choice.

Score: Brewers 1, Cubs 1

Top 9

Craig Kimbrel now pitching for the Cubs.

Urias strikes out swinging.

Omar Narvaez pinch-hits for Manny Piña. Narvaez grounds out to first.

Robertson grounds out to shortstop. Top of the Cubs’ lineup due up.

Score: Brewers 1, Cubs 1

Bottom 9

Brewers bring in lefty Josh Hader.

Happ takes strikes 3 on a fastball up in the zone.

Sogard makes good contact and drives a ball to center, but Cain makes the catch.

Rizzo draws the two-out walk and here comes Bryant.

A wild pitch on 2-2 to Bryant. Rizzo to second.

Hader gets the call on the outside corner and strikes out Bryant looking on a slider.

First extra-innings game for the Cubs.

Score: Brewers 1, Cubs 1

Top 10

So, Robertson begins the inning at second base. Daniel Vogelbach leads off for the Brewers. Righty Brandon Workman in to pitch for the Cubs.

Vogelbach singles to left. Robertson held up at third base.

Cain smacks a three-run homer. Brewers lead 4-1 and it’s pretty much over for the Cubs.

Hiura tries to reach on a bunt, but Rizzo fields it and steps on first for the out.

Yelich strikes out.

Garcia grounds one to shortstop. Bad throw from Javy and Garcia reaches on the E6.

Garcia gets picked off.

Score: Brewers 4, Cubs 1

Bottom 10

Bryant at second base to begin the bottom half for the Cubs. JP Feyereisen pitching for the Brewers.

Pederson flies out to left.

Báez grounds out to first. Bryant moves to third.

Heyward singles to right field. Bryant scores and now Willson Contreras comes up as the tying run.

Contreras walks. Jake Marisnick pinch-hitting and he’s the winning run with two outs.

Marisnick walks, the bases are loaded for Happ! Contreras at second is the tying run.

Feyereisen comes out and Brad Boxberger comes in to pitch for the Brewers.

Happ flies out to Yelich in left.

FINAL: Brewers 4, Cubs 2