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Insider Perfectly Describes Cubs And Position Ahead Of Deadline


This past weekend, the Chicago Cubs won their first series since mid-June. Thanks to two stellar starts and a glimpse of some offense, they took two of three from the Los Angeles Angels. While we all hope it’s the beginning of momentum moving forward, there’s not much hope left in the tank.

The Cubs are still in last place in a very mediocre National League Central division. The Milwaukee Brewers lead the way and are eleven games clear of the last place Cubs. In the race for the final Wild Card spot, the Cubs are technically still within reach. They are 5.5 games back of the San Diego Padres for the final spot.

At the beginning of Spring Training in February, President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer’s narrative was contention. After overachieving in 2023 and just missing the playoffs, the Cubs were expected to be frontrunners in the division. Expectations rose even higher after adding manager Craig Counsell. Before camp broke, they also agreed to terms for pitcher Shota Imanaga and worked a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers to obtain infielder Michael Busch.

After they were able to re-sign Cody Bellinger, they felt like they were over the top and ready to contend. But after a half-season of baseball, this team looks somewhat similar to what was expected of the 2023 team. The offense is struggling, the defense is flubbing, and the bullpen is both struggling and flubbing.

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As we approach the trade deadline, the Cubs are closer to being sellers than buyers. But they may not have much to offer the market. According to one respected insider, the Cubs have put themselves in a position that might seem stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The Cubs are in no-man’s land, and in a game where the best routes are winning or losing, it’s a perilous place to be.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan in his article, “MLB trade deadline 2024: Front office execs with most at stake”

Passan: Cubs Are In “Perilous” Place

In his latest outlook on the upcoming trade deadline, ESPN’s baseball insider Jeff Passan looked at the league and which executives making decisions have the most to gain and lose at the deadline. While the Cubs’ Jed Hoyer did not make the list, he was an added honorable mention by Passan. He mentions that the Cubs do not have much major league talent that would be sought after if they sold. They’re also far enough out of contention to where buying would not make much sense, either. In conclusion, they may just be stuck.

Cody Bellinger is a name that is heating up as a potential suitor for teams on the market, particularly the Philadelphia Phillies. Starting pitcher Jameson Taillon may also have a contract that is favorable enough to gain interest, and teams may consider adding to their rotation for the right price. We’ve also heard rumors that Ian Happ and Nico Hoerner are also drawing interest from teams.

At the end of the day, Hoyer should have a scalding hot seat in his office. After taking over in 2020, this could be the third time he’s opened his doors for business in a fire sale in five years. But in reality, Cubs’ owner Tom Ricketts has to enjoy Hoyer taking bullets for him. There’s no way he’s moved – no matter how this season or next end up.


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Jul 10, 2024 11:48 am

ESPN writers are smart. They say quotable stuff, but they are never as smart as they think they are. Sure, the Cubs have taken a big dump on their chances for winning the division. However, the manager of the Phillies made it clear. They came into Chicago with the hope that they didn’t wake up the sleepy team with plenty of talent when they’re on. Other than playing the farmhands on the big club this year, there is no one who will bring anything more to the table than depth in the minors. If I were Hoyer, I’d show some… Read more »

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