Monday, July 1, 2024

Cubs Receive Well-Deserved Midseason “Award”


This morning’s headline on the Chicago Cubs‘ homepage reads, “Still Searching For Answers.” After dropping another series, this time to the division-leading Milwaukee Brewers, the Cubs now sit 11.5 games behind and dead last in what was labeled a “winnable” division to begin 2024. They have also fallen five games behind in the Wild Card race. Justin Steele’s words didn’t even resonate for 24 hours.

Disappointing feels like an understatement. Obstinance from leadership feels close but not quite there. There have been 100-loss seasons on the North Side of Chicago that have been easier to take than what 2024 has become for the Cubs.

The campaign started when the Cubs decided to dump David Ross and make Craig Counsell the highest-paid manager in baseball. They called the move “business,” saying Counsell offered knowledge, experience, and tenacity moving forward, which they felt exceeded what Ross could provide. The message this sent to Cubs followers was that the competitive window had finally opened, and they could potentially start acting like the big-market team they are.

We were all fooled again because none of that happened. April started hot, but it was not sustainable. Offensive numbers are down all throughout the league, sure. But this roster’s lack of offense is baffling. Add that to a formula consisting of bad defense and blown saves, and you certainly will find yourself in last place.

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The front office’s message has been the same throughout the season. They believe the best is yet to come for this team and urge outsiders to let it play out. Cubs fans and national media are now done with the word salad. It’s time to call the Cubs what they are.

Baseball Insider Calls Cubs Out For Exactly What They Are

Bob Nightengale of USA Today released his annual mid-season awards, highlighting every corner of baseball with the best and the worst of the first half of play. It should be no surprise to no one what award he gave the Chicago Cubs. He labeled them the biggest disappointment of the National League.

Nightengale cites that the Cubs are still paying manager David Ross this season despite pushing him to the side in favor of Craig Counsell. He talks about how Ross’ resume continues to improve with every mistake and loss the Cubs make. Ross was the scapegoat for the Cubs during the struggles of 2022 and 2023. The numbers showed Craig Counsell could have accounted for up to eight more wins for the Cubs in 2023, which would have put them in playoff contention.

Ross was the scapegoat for a front office that prioritized ego over winning baseball games. Jed Hoyer’s inadequate spending and decision-making oversold Counsell to jump ship from Milwaukee to Chicago. Now, the truth is rearing its ugly head.

In comparison, the Toronto Blue Jays were named the American League’s biggest disappointment. At the end of last week, they began to tell other teams they planned to be sellers at the deadline. The difference between them and the Cubs is that they have MLB talent that many will seek. The Cubs do not have much to offer as sellers, making them more stuck than anything. Sigh.

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