This stat says it all.

Top 1

J. T. Brubaker strikes out Ian Happ looking on an inside pitch.

Willson Contreras singles to right field.

Anthony Rizzo with a pop-fly to center field.

Kris Bryant strikes out swinging.

Score: Cubs 0, Pirates 0

Bottom 1

Trevor Williams making his first start against his former team.

Adam Frazier flies out to left-center field. Happ makes the catch.

Phillip Evans grounds out to Javier Báez.

Bryan Reynolds lines a single to right field.

Colin Moran draws a walk.

Kevin Newman strikes out swinging on a pitch low and away. Pirates strand two runners.

Score: Cubs 0, Pirates 0

Top 2

Joc Pederson grounds out to the right side of the infield.

Báez cranks a solo home run! His third dinger of the season.

Jason Heyward strikes out.

Eric Sogard flies out to straightaway center.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 0

Bottom 2

Gregory Polanco reaches on an infield single. Báez couldn’t get the handle up the middle going to his right on the shift.

Jacob Stallings singles to left field.

Dustin Fowler serves one into the left-center field gap. Polanco scores, Stallings to third. Fowler called out at second, but after video review the call is overturned. Pirates with runners at second and third and nobody out.

And the pitcher comes through with a two-run single down the line in right field. Pirates lead 3-1. Still no outs in the second.

Frazier gets jammed and pops it up to Pederson in shallow left field.

Evans smashes a ball past a diving Bryant into left field.

Reynolds grounds out to second.

Moran strikes out swinging.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 3

Top 3

Williams grounds out to shortstop.

Happ singles to center field.

Contreras gets hit on the first pitch of the at-bat.

Rizzo reaches on a fielder’s choice as the Pirates tried to turn a double play. Contreras out at second and Happ scores on the bad throw to third. Rizzo ends up at second on the error. Now it’s 3-2 Pirates. Aaaaand scratch all that. Pirates challenge Willson’s slide at second and win. Contreras didn’t reach the bag at second on his wide slide and both he and Rizzo are automatically out.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 3

Bottom 3

Newman grounds one in the hole, Bryant gets to it, spins and can’t make an accurate throw to first. Newman credited with an infield single.

Polanco strikes out swinging.

Stallings walks.

Fowler gets hit by a pitch to load the bases for the pitcher.

Brubaker with a slow grounder up the middle. Sogard gloves it and rolls the ball to Báez for the force out at second. Newman does score and it’s 4-1 Pirates.

Pederson makes a nice, running catch toward the line in left field to end the third inning.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 4

Top 4

Bryant gets hit and before the umps warn both dugouts someone on the Cubs bench gets ejected.

Pederson singles to right and Bryant races to third base.

Báez with a terrible at-bat, strikes out swinging.

Heyward pops up to the shortstop.

Sogard lines out to center.

By the way, it was Mike Borzello who was tossed from the game after Bryant was hit.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 4

Bottom 4

Evans singles up the middle to center field.

Reynolds drops down a bunt and reaches with an infield single.

Moran singles sharply to left field, Evans score and it’s 5-1 Pirates.

Newman with a chopper to Rizzo, who throws out Reynolds at home.

And that’s it for Trevor Williams. David Ross makes a double switch, bringing in lefty Rex Brothers to pitch and David Bote replacing Eric Sogard at second base.

Brothers strikes out Polanco on a pitch waaaaay outside and in the dirt.

Stallings strikes out swinging. Nice work from Brothers.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Top 5

David Bote grounds out to Evans at third.

Happ grounds out to the pitcher.

Contreras smashes a liner, but he’s thrown out by the shortstop.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Bottom 5

Brothers starts his second inning of work.

Happ makes a running catch deep in the right-center field gap off the bat of Fowler.

Brubaker strikes out looking.

Frazier gets a two-out walk.

Evans flies out to the warning track in right field.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Top 6

Rizzo begins the sixth with a walk.

Bryant flies out to the warning track in left. Rizzo tags up to second.

Pirates make a pitching change. Brubaker out, lefty Sam Howard in.

Pederson takes strike three on a pitch that looked below the strike zone.

Báez strikes out swinging on three pitches.


Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Bottom 6

Jason Adam comes in pitch, replacing Rex Brothers.

Reynolds with his third hit, singles to right field.

Moran takes an ugly swing and strikes out.

Newman pops up to Bote.

Adam strikes out Polanco. Froze him on an inside fastball.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Top 7

Heyward grounds out to the left side of the infield.

Chris Stratton comes to pitch for the Pirates, replacing Sam Howard.

Matt Duffy pinch-hits. Fowler makes a nice catch racing straight back in center to rob Duffy of an extra-base hit.

Another solid play by the Pirates, as Evans gets Bote on a hard-hit ground ball to third.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 5

Bottom 7

Ryan Tepera now pitching for the Cubs. Duffy in at second base.

Stallings doubles to left after the ball deflects off Javy’s glove on his diving attempt.

Fowler strikes out swinging.

Wilmer Difo hits a two-run homer coming off the bench just over the wall in right field. Pirates lead 7-1.

Frazier lines out to Happ in center.

Evans grounds out to shorstop.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 7

Top 8

Kyle Crick comes in to pitch for the Pirates.

Happ gets jammed and he grounds out weakly behind the mound.

Contreras hits it hard and through to left field for a single.

Rizzo with a foul tip for strike 3.

Stallings grabs a slow chopper in front of the plate before it rolls foul and throws out Bryant.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 7

Bottom 8

Dan Winkler replaces Ryan Tepera on the mound for the Cubs.

Reynolds gets his fourth hit, a hard single to right field.

Winkler strikes out Moran.

Javy makes a great sliding stop at short, gets the force at second, but the throw to first is late. Newman reaches on the fielder’s choice.

Polanco pops up to Duffy in shallow right field.

Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 7

Top 9

David Bednar now pitching for the Pirates.

Pederson flies out to left-center.

Báez can’t catch up to a 99mph fastball and strikes out swinging.

Heyward grounds out and the Cubs lose their second straight series, falling to 4-5 this season. The offense sucks.

FINAL: Cubs 1, Pirates 7