Thursday, December 7, 2023

Baseball Writer Wants Cubs Pitcher Yu Darvish Banned


Yu Darvish threw a 99mph fastball for his last pitch against the Marlins Monday night and not only did it hit Lew Brinson, the pitch got the home plate umpire in the throat and got a piece of Willson Contreras too.

I mean, it was ridiculous and luckily Brinson isn’t seriously injured. Hopefully not, but yeah it was wild.

Darvish was taken out after 5.2 innings of two-run ball. He finally got his first win of the season and his last pitch against the Marlins also produced the worst take ever in baseball?

Matthew Pouliot of Rotoworld and HardBallTalk not only called for Darvish to get a major suspension because he thinks he wanted to hurt Brinson on purpose (he wasn’t) Pouliot wouldn’t mind Darvish being banned.

No, seriously.

By the way, Darvish was in the mid to upper 90s during the majority of his start against the Marlins and that included reaching 98 before the last one got away and hit Brinson.

Darvish wasn’t trying to hit anyone, he was just emptying the tank as his start was coming to an end. But no, ban him!

Take a lap, Matthew.

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