Wednesday, February 8, 2023

The Bulls Could Trade LaVine, DeRozan, And Vucevic Soon


The Chicago Bulls have to choose between being buyers or sellers ahead of the NBA trade deadline. Currently, they’re sitting in the 10th seed and are four games below .500. They have an aging roster and expiring contracts on the books. Historically they should be sellers at the deadline. According to Joe Cowley from the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bulls could shop their big three, possibly even more, to rebuild their roster from the ground up.

“Even small pieces like a Coby White or Derrick Jones Jr. could be sent out if Karnisovas was looking for a small tweak to the roster dynamics.” – Joe Cowley added

Retool Vs. Rebuild

Just because the Bulls are shopping their leading trio doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be rebuilding the team from the ground up. If they decide to rebuild, the Lakers’ 2027 and 2029 picks would likely be the starting package to get the ball rolling. Rudy Gobert essentially broke the trade market when the Wolves gave up a king’s ransom for him last summer, so it’s hard to predict what DeRozan’s and LaVine’s current value is in this market.

Of the three, Nikola Vucevic is the most likely to be traded. After failing to reach an extension agreement last summer, the Bulls risk having him walk in free agency. If they were far apart in negotiations then, not much has changed now for either side to cave in. DeRozan would likely net you the most significant return and is also due for an extension worth up to $155 million this summer. It’s a tough pill to swallow to offer an aging star an additional four years, but the Bulls are prepared to do so. LaVine is their young star locked into a five-year deal. He will likely stick around in their second attempt with this core. Although, LaVine’s name has been rumored the most from the three.

The most realistic scenario is moving Coby White and Derrick Jones Jr. at the deadline. The Bulls are desperate for rebounding help. The Bulls can package together a deal including their first-round pick from Portland to acquire a big man that could help this season but also become an insurance policy in case Vucevic walks in free agency.

Should The Bulls Make A Big Trade?

This team has maxed out its potential with or without Lonzo Ball. They’re a fringe playoff team when healthy. Chicago fans can’t handle another rebuild that could take an additional five years. The Bulls started their last rebuild nearly six years ago. It’s clear a complete rebuild isn’t the answer, but instead, they can flip Vucevic in a creative deal for another big man like Deandre Ayton. Perhaps test the market on Zach LaVine and rebuild another trio around DeMar DeRozan.


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Jan 18, 2023 7:17 pm

They have hired the Bulls version of lambert….clickbait

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