Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Coby White Is Starting To Heat Up, But Will It Last?


The Bulls have won 7 straight games heading into their matchup with the Orlando Magic tonight. In two of those games, we can thank forward DeMar DeRozan for hitting buzzer-beaters to seal the deal. We’ve seen a lot of players step up during this 7-game win streak. One player who has been under a microscope is guard Coby White. After an inconsistent 2020-21 season playing the point guard position, we weren’t sure which Coby would be showing up for the 2021-22 season. Due to injury along with Covid Coby has only been on the floor in 16 of the team’s 34 games. The first 10 or so games were inconsistent similar to last season. However, over the last 5 games, White has turned things around entirely.

Coby has been one of the consistent pieces for the Bulls over the last five games without guards Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball. He has shown up on the offensive side of the ball and has been a key contributor when the Bulls needed it most. His work on the defensive side of the ball has been poor but he’s made up for it on the other end. It was just a week ago that we were talking about whether the Bulls should even keep Coby around. After a poor defensive performance and another solid outing by guard Ayo Dosunmu, it had a lot of people questioning Coby, including myself. I know it’s only a five-game sample size but considering he’s only played in 16 this season that is a good look for how the season will progress.

Here’s to hoping Coby can only go up from here

Coby is coming off back-to-back 20+ point games for the first time this season. He had 12 assists in the team’s second game against Atlanta and has been taking care of the ball. Coby has been a big reason why the Bulls are continuing to win and his teammates are noticing.

DeRozan is referring to the game against the Indiana Pacers in which Coby scored 24 points while shooting 6-7 from the three-point line. Coby appears to be improving drastically over the last five games. When I say improving I’m not talking about his ability to shoot the ball at a high level or score. The key thing Coby is improving is his consistency. That’s something he’s struggled with since he’s been on the Bulls and we can only hope this is a sign of what is yet to come.

A consistent Coby is a dangerous Coby

Last season we saw stretches like this from White. He would have 3-4 game stretches where he looked unstoppable and then he would come out and score less than 10 points. White can be a dangerous offensive weapon and it all comes down to being consistent. There’s a reason Coby is only averaging 10.4 PPG, 35.4 %FG, & 2.4 APG so far this season and it all comes down to him being inconsistent.

I 100% believe White could be a very important piece for this Bulls team. However, he needs to show up every night if that’s the case. That doesn’t mean he needs to score 20+ points per game. It just means he needs to be an offensive threat whenever he’s on the floor. Be that extra piece a defense needs to be aware of and if your shot isn’t falling get everyone else involved and set them up for success. It sounds like Coby knows just how special of a team he’s a part of and I’m sure he doesn’t want to give that up.

Coby thinks the Bulls can play with anyone

The Bulls have been great so far this year. There are a lot of players to thank for that. Regardless of that, it’s clear that Coby knows just how special this team is.

He knows how far they can go and what this team is made of. That alone should be the reason for him to step up every game. If White wants to remain part of this great Bulls squad then he needs to become a consistent piece for this team. No more games where he barely shows up in the box score. He needs to show that he can be counted on coming off the bench or he may lose his place. These last five games have been great and he will get a chance tonight to show if he can keep things rolling. Beyond tonight we will have to continue focusing on White especially once Caruso comes back. If he wants to continue to be a featured piece off the bench then consistency needs to be his best friend.

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