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Billy Donovan Rumored To Have Interest In Newest College Coaching Vacancy


As yet another disappointing season for the Chicago Bulls ends in a Play-In Tournament bid for the second consecutive season, and their head coach may be departing shortly after. With John Calipari’s newest five-year deal in the final stages with the Arkansas Razorbacks, one of college basketball’s most prestigious universities will be looking for their new leader. Sportsbooks have already released the odds for the University of Kentucky’s next head coach, where Chicago’s own Billy Donovan finds himself third or fourth on several lists. Could the former SEC legend return to his old stomping grounds wearing new threads, or will he be back with the Bulls under his current extension?

Back To School

Billy Donovan would be wise to pursue the head coaching vacancy for the Kentucky Wildcats. His college coaching tenure was much more suited to his coaching style and yielded much greater results for him and his program. The Florida Gators had a better 18-year stretch while he was the head coach than they’ve had in their entire existence without his services at the helm. During his time with the University, he led the Gators to 14 NCAA Tournament appearances, six SEC regular season titles, four SEC Tournament titles, four Final Four appearances, and two National Championships. Under all other head coaches, Florida has earned three NCAA Tournament bids, one SEC regular season trophy, and zero SEC Tournament or NCAA Tournament wins, with Final Four showings.

NIL brings an entirely new strategy to coaching at the college level, a system that Donovan has zero experience maneuvering. Kentucky, however, tops the list of blue-blood schools with NIL funding, making them a tempting offer for any looming head coaches. His college resume alone may be better than Calipari’s; alongside his NBA coaching experience, he could quickly recruit the top talent in the country annually.

Bulls On The Verge Of A Rebuild

Chicago is nearing dark times as a franchise. With minimal young talent, depleted draft assets, and aging talent across the roster, a rebuild is inevitably on the horizon. DeMar DeRozan, 34, could be a free agent this summer, and even if he opts to return, he’d be 35 heading into the 2024-25 campaign. Nikola Vucevic will be 34 before next season starts, and Zach LaVine will be 30. Having not made the playoffs in three years and not making it beyond the first round in over eight seasons, the theory of continuity built around LaVine and Vucevic has officially failed. Donovan’s best chance to distance himself from a soon-to-be bottom-dwelling organization would be now.

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Slated to meet the Atlanta Hawks in the Play-In Tournament after the regular season concludes, the Bulls will have several franchise-altering decisions on their hands this summer. Over the next three seasons, LaVine’s $40 or more million will be the biggest nightmare. Their minutes, points, and fourth-quarter scoring leader, DeRozan, will be a free agent along with Patrick Williams, who is due for an extension. If this season falls short of the playoffs, should Chicago blow the whole thing up, and does Billy Donovan stick around for the next rebuild? That Kentucky vacancy looks more appealing with each passing game in the Windy City.


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Southside Mike
Southside Mike
Apr 9, 2024 3:30 pm

Another Reinsdorf dumpster fire

Apr 9, 2024 5:45 am

Isn’t it a shame that so many lives were affected negatively by Ball’s injury. There’s no question we would have had an excellent core to build further upon and actually have one of the better teams in the league…ohhhh wellll…

Apr 8, 2024 5:49 pm

Fire everyone, they are all awful at what they do. Things will never change though, until someone else owns the franchise.

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