Upon the conclusion of the 2020 NBA Draft, the Bulls still had work to do. Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Artūras Karnišovas had one more player in mind that he wanted to sign. It was surprising to a lot of people that he was even still available once the draft concluded. 

The Bulls signed Kansas PG Devon Dotson to a two-way contract shortly after the draft concluded. Dotson still being available upon the conclusion of the draft wasn’t expected. He was going in most mock drafts in the second round. The Bulls didn’t wait and decided to grab him while he was still available. 

Regardless of why he didn’t end up getting picked the Bulls have him. They now have the opportunity for him to join the team and see what he can do. Since he signed a two-way contract he will bounce between the Bulls G-league team and the active roster.

Devon Dotson’s Kansas Career

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Dotson played 2 seasons for the Kansas Jayhawks. In his previous season, he averaged 18.1 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 4.0 APG, and shot 46.8% from the floor. He was an all-around solid player in his time at Kansas. He earned consensus All American honors in his previous season. Dotson is an explosive playmaker and was considered to be a possible steal in this draft.

It’s unclear as to why Dotson didn’t end up getting drafted but he didn’t last long on the market. It appears that the Bulls were ready to pounce even before the draft had ended. Dotson had reportedly already talked to Bulls head coach Billy Donovan. The two apparently had a good conversation and it worked out well for both. 

The Chicago Connection

Dotson grew up in Chicago but moved when he was in the 6th grade. In his time in Chicago Dotson found a love for the Bulls and especially for PG Derrick Rose. Dotson watched all of Rose’s games and wanted to model his game after him.

If you watched the video you can see Dotson’s fandom for the Bulls is huge. He grew up watching Derrick Rose shine for the Bulls. He even went as far as going to Rose’s camp to be able to meet him. Bringing Dotson full circle by signing him after the draft seems like it will add even more fuel to his fire to succeed. Bringing him back home to Chicago will certainly be a driver for him to succeed and be able to stay in the windy city.

How will he fit with the team?

That is still uncertain at this point. The most likely scenario would be that Dotson finds himself starting this season with the Windy City Bulls. He will probably spend a large chunk of this first season with them barring injuries. This will allow the coaching staff time to evaluate Dotson. Think of Dotson as a smaller version of the team’s current PG Coby White. While his shooting skills aren’t as good as Coby’s, he’s quick and can be a terror for opposing defenses.

chicago bullsTime will tell how he will fit on the team but he will have to show that he can play in the G league for now. The Bulls benefit from signing him to a two-way contract as he won’t be taking up an active roster spot unless they call him up from the Windy City Bulls. There will be plenty of time to evaluate Dotson.

By all accounts, the Bulls appear to have gotten a steal by grabbing Dotson. Some mock drafts had him being taken at the end of the first round yet he made it through the draft unclaimed. Dotson will certainly be an intriguing player to keep an eye on in the coming months.