Sunday, July 3, 2022

Best Of Blackhawks 2018-2019 Promotional Schedule


There’s a lot of pessimism going into this Blackhawks season but fans can get excited about the giveaways. That is especially if you’re spending $100+ to watch a team that is projected to be below the .500 mark. Here’s a few of the highlights.

I’m a bobblehead fan so I always look for those first. There are only two scheduled as of now. Patrick Kane and a dual Pat Foley/Ed Olczyk editon. Kane has one in his likeness almost every season but it is long overdue for fan favorite broadcasters Foley and Olczyk to be together.

This will be Pat Foley’s third bobblehead. His first coming in 2003 as a dual with Dale Tallon. Foley also had has his own the year he went into the Hockey Hall of Fame(2014) but this is the first for American Hockey Hall Of Famer Olczyk.

Next up is the gravy boat right before Thanksgiving against the Blues. While we’re not as thankful for the Blackhawks as years past, it will be nice to have them at the table.

Another cool one is the puck bottle opener. These things have been around for a few years but this is the first time the Blackhawks will be giving one away.

I don’t think it’s that fun or cool, there is the cutting board being given away against the Predators. Instead of letting people see you cry about how much better the Preds are than the Hawks recently, you can just say you’re cutting onions.

The rest of the season is filled out with much of the same old. T-shirts, hats and scarves among some other items. As usual, more promotional items can be added throughout the season.

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