Saturday, December 3, 2022

REPORT: Robert Quinn Standoff With Bears Has Officially Begun


The Chicago Bears traded Khalil Mack a few months ago, signaling their intent to rebuild under new GM Ryan Poles. Some started to wonder if Robert Quinn would see the same fate. It made sense from a business standpoint. He’s 32-years-old, carries an expensive contract, and has high value coming off his 18 sacks in 2021. Months have passed since then with no development on that front. Most people assumed the Bears were content with keeping the veteran as an anchor to their defensive line.

That may soon change. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network revealed that Quinn will not attention Bears mandatory minicamps this week. It is the first real indication that his absence from the team is becoming a holdout. Rumors have persisted for months that Quinn may want out of Chicago. While he loves the city and organization, he likely isn’t interested in being part of a rebuild at his age. He’d much rather join a contender and chase that Super Bowl ring that has eluded him for a decade.

Bears have leverage with Robert Quinn on this issue.

Though he is free to hold out from practicing, the team doesn’t have to feel any pressure to immediately cave. They have him under contract for another three years and thanks to Poles’ moves earlier this offseason, they aren’t hurting for cap space either. Other teams that may have interest in dealing for the star pass rusher will likely try to lowball the Bears after hearing about the holdout. The new GM has zero reasons to comply. He’s free to hold firm until he gets an offer he thinks is fair.

Robert Quinn could end up arriving at training camp. His holdout might be a decision by him to avoid Matt Eberflus’ new high-intensity practices as long as possible. He’s been around the league for a long time and likely isn’t looking forward to it. So he’ll take the fines for missing minicamps and wait until July before joining the team. If he decides to carry this standoff further, the Bears are free to let him sit at home until a trade offer comes around they are happy with.


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Jun 15, 2022 10:43 am

If Quinn is a slave at his pay, sign me up. What a ridiculous analogy. The point was that he has no leverage and he’s making the situation worse.

Yahbataza Yasharala
Yahbataza Yasharala
Jun 15, 2022 10:00 am

Damn so a player holds out because it’s a team rebuilding while he is nearly at retirement age. Same old slave masters mentality. You fools quit jobs for better pay and benefits but you aren’t a prima Donna. Damn racist ass fans

Big Strike
Big Strike
Jun 15, 2022 9:28 am

“I would like to be traded. Better take away all the Bears’ leverage, so that they have no real incentive to move me.” Lol. Who advises these guys?

Gator Joe
Gator Joe
Jun 15, 2022 6:28 am

It’s a stupid move in the big picture.
“Other teams that may have interest in dealing for the star pass rusher will likely try to lowball the Bears after hearing about the holdout.”
How does this help Quinn? It’s right out of the prima donna playbook but accomplishes nothing and probably hurts your case, especially when you have no leverage to begin with.

Jun 14, 2022 7:12 pm

Trade him. He’s not going to be as good as he was last year. If we can free up his money (to add to our stockpile of money to spend next season), and add a 2nd round pick that Poles can convert into a 3rd and 2 4ths, let get him out of here. We only want and need people around who want to play for us.

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